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One Question About The Disney Dining Plan?

So I know most things about it... My only questions is if you get meals for the day you check in/out... I dont' think so, but PLEASE correct me if I'm wrong... Also, any GREAT restaurants? I still need to fill in a day... I know its kinda late, but I was having trouble deciding (already have Boma, Liberty, Biergarten, Bistro de Paris, Crystal, 50's Prime,and a few others) so if my itinerary is:

Dec. 3- check in

Dec 4-10 full days

Dec 11- check out

Oh btw is the Plus dining (1 snack, counter, sit-down, per person per day)

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    For each day on the dining plan, you get credits for one table service meal, one counter service meal and one snack. So you're there for 8 days, you will get 8 days on the dining plan. Here's more info about the plus dining plan.

    5. Spoodles at the Boardwalk Resort (Casual Sit-Down) I love this restaurant partly because of its location on the Boardwalk. If you have a wait to be seated, you can walk along the pier and enjoy the festive atmosphere. Spoodles is open for all three meals, but feels most like a dinner place to me. The atmosphere inside is bright and cheerful, with wooden tables and mismatched fiesta ware dishes. The original concept for this Mediterranean restaurant was that it would offer only Tapas, small portions of food to be shared. The menu has broadened a bit to include regular entrees as well, but I often order from the Tapas portion. The Flatbreads are delicious, and every meal comes with crusty bread and hummus. The Pork Chop on mashed potatoes is very nice as well, with a unique sauce and spices.

    4. Main Street Bake Shop in Magic Kingdom (Counter Service) There is something very special about stopping for breakfast on Main Street. The baked goods all seem so fresh and homemade, although I am a bit distressed that Krispy Kreme has infiltrated the bakery. I like the Apple Danish and Chocolate Chip Muffins. The shop is not very crowded when the park opens, but it can get busy around 10 when people start to take a break. Stopping here for breakfast isn’t necessarily a great idea if you are on a tight schedule, but if you have a little extra time to relax its fun to sit here and watch the crowds go by in the morning.

    3. Kona Cafe at the Polynesian Resort (Casual Sit-Down) One day my family just decided to take the monorail here from the Magic Kingdom because we weren’t sure what we were in the mood for to eat. We were surprised at the high quality of food and nice atmosphere available at this little restaurant. The food has Polynesian influences, but not too adventurous for picky eaters. The Barbecued Pork Sandwich and Mahi-Mahi sandwich are particularly good. I recommend this one for lunch, because it gets much more crowded at night. There is a great dessert menu, though, and it’s a fun place to stop by for dessert after watching fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.

    2. Le Cellier in Epcot Center (Casual Sit-Down) Yummy, yummy, yummy food going on hear. Le Cellier has a cozy atmosphere, great service, and some of the best steaks you will find. This is a great place to take a break from the hustle and bustle of the theme park. Don't miss the apple cobler for dessert. If you time your reservation right you can exit the restaurant just in time to walk right out to a great viewing spot for Illuminations!

    1. Victoria and Albert’s at the Grand Floridian Resort (Formal Sit-Down) I saved this for last because it is truly the best of the best as far as Disney dining goes, or dining pretty much anywhere. This restaurant is the most formal at Disney, requiring a jacket for men. Service is fabulous and the atmosphere is very elegant, complete with harp music in the background. Guests receive a personalized menu, and ladies are given a rose at the end of the evening. Of course, this experience is not cheap, the set price is $95 per person. The menu changes daily, but includes six courses. For something truly special, you won’t regret dining at this restaurant. It is definitely my favorite Disney dining experience.

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    It goes by the number of nights you are staying. Since you are staying for 8 nights each person in your party over the age of 3 will be eligible for 8 table service, 8 counter service, and 8 snacks. From the moment you check into your resort on Dec 3rd, you will receive a "key to the world card". This card is now activated and you may use your dining credits anytime you wish in any order you like, and it will not expire until midnight the day you check out. So if you still have some credits left on your plan come Dec 11, then you can stock up on some snack items for the trip home... The way it works is, every time you use a dining credit you will receive a receipt stating how many credits in total you have left. They tally it up according to the total number of credits for everyone in your party, they don't divide it out per individual person because some people in your party may use up

    more credits than others. far as recommendations, I agree with the other person that Le Cellier is phenomenal. Also like Chefs de France, San Angel Inn in Mexico has a really neat atmosphere. ...and I could be wrong, but I noticed you have reservations for Bistro de Paris, but I thought it was not a dining plan restaurant.

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    Just our opinion. We hated the Boma and the Biergarten. Both are "buffets" which we really don't care for. I found the Biergarten had very little to choose from. Boma, just not that great. those two, plus the Sci Fi cafe I would never go back to.

    Better ones to try

    Mama Melrose in HS. - Italian, Had the best steak I have ever had there

    Coral Reef in EPCOT- great atmosphere-the whole wall is an aquarium with sharks swimming by. Really a "must do" at WDW

    Mexico- Great atmosphere

    Canada-for steaks

    Tony's in MK

    Your dining plan should be the same as how many days you are at your resort. Please call up WDW with any question to your package. Things can change and they are great with customer service

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    Bistro de Paris is NOT included in the dining plan. It's the only restaurant in Epcot that does not participate. I suggest doing Chefs de France instead. Ohana, Le Cellier, Kona and Whispering Canyon Cafe are a few of the places we choose for our upcoming trip

    @ Taylor - Spoodles is no longer a restaurant in Disney World. It was replaced last year by Cat Cora's restaurant Kouzzina.

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    You get the meals based on the number of nights you stay. If you are staying 7 nights you will have seven sets of meals, which you can use anytime. As for recomendations, try Le Cellier in Epcot, or the Luau at the Poly.

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    You get one table service credit, one quick service credit, and one snack for each NIGHT that you stay. If you're staying for EIGHT nights, you'd get EIGHT of each. You can use them anytime.

    One that you didn't mention was Le Cellier at Canada. That's never a disappointment, especially for dessert.

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