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question about transfer fee at gun shops?

i was thinking of buying a pistol from buds gun shop and it said the shipping was free. i called my local gun shop and they said they would charge me a 30 dollar transfer fee. will i still have to pay state tax or fee for background check or is this included in the 30 dollar transfer fee.

if it matters i live in new mexico

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    Interesting answers. . .

    Here in Wyoming, the local dealer who accepts shipments of guns I buy on line charges me $25.00.

    Since it is an on line, out of state purchase, I am not charged Wyoming's sales tax. There is no additional charge for the background check, that is part of what I am paying the $25.00 for.

    My gunsmith charges $35.00 for the same service. One of the local gun stores will not accept any shipment of a gun for a customer, unless it is ordered through them.

    I do not know New Mexico's law about sales tax. But, generally, a mail order purchase from out of state is not subject to a state sales tax. Do you pay a sales tax on anything you order out of a catalog from J.C. Penny, Sears, etc? If not, then you gun purchase should also be tax free.

    I would call and ask your local gun store what the fee is buying you. It really should include the background check - after all that is just a phone call.

    The FFL dealer I use is a local pawn shop. Some sporting goods stores, that sell guns, seem to get miffed about a customer buying a gun elsewhere. Seems they think the customer should have bought the gun from them.

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    You would be better off asking this of your local dealer. But most transfer fees are charged to cover the dealers processing cost and I would think there is no sales tax on that. But I in New Jersey and you in New Mexico. I need a back-round check to obtain a purchase permit so I can even look at the gun, for each hand gun I would like to buy. This cost $55.00 each time:OUCH! The $30.00 fee ain't to bad if it covers every thing.

    Sorry I can be of no more help than this. Just ask the dealer strait up does the 30 dollars cover every thing or not. This is your best bet.

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    You will likely have to pay:

    1: The transfer fee from your gun dealer

    2: Any applicable sales tax

    3: A background check fee

    4: For the gun itself

    All separately. Nothing is rolled up into the cost of the transfer fee, generally speaking.

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    I'd expect the background check fee is not included in that $30 BUT that's a fairly cheap fee to do the transfer. Your best bet is to just ask the person at the local gun shop.

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    Before Bud ships a gun to a dealer of your choosing, he must have a copy of that dealers' FFL in hand. That means you go to the dealer, fill out the 4473, and the dealer will then accept your order. The dealer cannot legally transfer a gun to you without the background check. $30 seems fair enough for the background check and paperwork. That is the way to do it if you want to be assured of owning a gun when it arrives. If you order, and then fill out the 4473 and something is amiss, the dealer will have a gun that you have already paid for.

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    I have done this myself before and can spell it out for you. The gunshop that the weapon is being transferred to is charging you $30 to receive the weapon..this includes an inspection of the weapon to ensure you are not getting ripped off and that it complies with your state's firearm's laws. The background check is in addition to this fee.

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    No. The fee is a service. It won't be taxed unless you bought the gun in New Mexico.

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    The transfer fee is a charge that they charge you to have them accept the shipment, because they are a FFL holder, so they are charging you for their trouble and for you to use that service. But no i doubt the background check is included.

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