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army reserves sign up bonus?

do you have to be in active service to receive the $20,000 sign up bonus or can you be in the reserves? When you sign up with the reserves, do you do basic training and then go train one weekend a month/ two weeks a year like the national guard?

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    A bonus is usually determined by two things

    1. your military occupational skill (mos). An mos that is hard to fill tends to have bonuses attached.

    2. your unit. Reserve units that are hard to fill - geographic location or a new start up unit - tend to have bonuses attached.

    You need to speak with a reserve recruiter and see what bonuses are available but keep in mind commuting distance. I had seen soldiers who signed waivers to join a bonus unit to realize that the bonus was not enough to pay for a car. Bonuses are not paid all at once. You get some of the bonus after basic and ait and then the rest a couple of years afterward. In addition the bonus is taxable, so you pay federal and, depending on your state, state taxes.

    Personally I would join the guard because the guard tends to have better educational benefits than the reserves. The reserves offer a couple of thousand a year in tuition assistance where most states will pay the full tuition of guard members of their state at state operated universities and colleges. I was in the reserves for a couple of years before I learned about this.

    You need to check both the guard and reserve and see which gives you a better deal and which has a shorter commute. The distance can be a big deal so look at it.

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    Ask your recruiter... Bonuses are based off of several factors like MOS or having a higher education. ASVAB score alone will not put money in your pocket. Also the 67 means 0, that is your percentile. Your line scores determine MOS eligibility which is what MIGHT get you a bonus. And like others said you only scored better than 67% of people overall. Not trying to put you down, but on a test this easy that is simply nothing special.

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