what harry potter event is on my birthday?

so there is alot of people that share birthdays with harry potter characters/ actors, or days that certain events happened in the books/movies. my birthday is september 13th. so far, i havent found anything. please help me find something, anything, movie/book release dates, character birthdays, etc, etc. please and thankyou!

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    September 13 - Harry Potter serves his last detention with Dolores Umbridge.

    Cho Chang's mother - September 7 (Well, those dates are pretty close to your birthday.)

    Hermione Granger - September 19, 1979


    7- Hugh Mitchell: Colin Creevey (1989)

    10- Chris Columbus: Director of first two films (1958)

    18- Elizabeth Spriggs: The Fat Lady (1929)

    22- Tom Felton: Draco Malfoy (1987)

    23- Bruce Powell: digital artist and sequence supervisor (1967)

    Other than that, sorry, I couldn't find anything else, unfortunately. :)

    But then Bella Swan's from Twilight, date of birth is on your birthday: September 13, 1987

    :) I am a HUGE Harry Potter fan too! :D

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    1991: Shortly after midnight, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, and Neville Longbottom avoid Argus Filch, who was tipped off by Draco Malfoy that the Gryffindors were out of bed. While running from him in the third floor, they discover Fluffy the three-headed dog in the Forbidden Corridor.

    1995: Harry Potter serves his last detention with Dolores Umbridge's detention quill.

    1996: Stan Shunpike is accused of being a Death Eater, arrested, and taken to Azkaban.

  • On September 13th, Harry Potter serves his last detention with Dolores Umbridge's detention quill according to the books.

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    Well you don't share significant ones to Harry Potter but you do share one to Twilight September 13th is Bella Swan's Birthday if that makes you feel any better.

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