I need help with a couple of things PLEASE?

i'm going into 9th grade this year and i need help with clothes,hair,accessories,ect.

i'm really laid back so im not into dresses and stuff like that for school

my hair is long and light blond and i have bangs (side bangs) and thin

i have blue eyes and a normal skin tone (not dark but not light)

All i want to know is what kind of clothes r going to be in style and accessories (like bags/totes,ect.)

and make-up styles and hair styles

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    I'm in 9th grade too and i have A TON of things i think i can help with. (:

    Clothes: You dont have to feel too dressy and uncomfortable to feel cute. I would suggest forever 21.

    Buy simple tank tops with graphics, or plain, or patterned like floral which is totally in right now. and pair it with long chain necklace with charms and such to dress it up! You can wear something like this with jeans, or shorts.

    Shirts that NEVER go out of style are simple V-necks! Pac sun and Forever21 have a ton for not too much money. Just pick ones you like! You can wear them with cardigans to dress it up and make it fun or just wear a v-neck with shorts, a pair of vans and you still look cute. I highly suggest buyying a pack of bracelets though that you can throw on with anything and instantly accesorise as your running out the door.

    Shoes: I suggest braided flip flops! They go with anything. Or regular ones from old navy!

    And if you wanna splurge, try some vans! A color like black that goes with any outfit.

    Makeup: I'm a huge makeup addict so i have a ton of helpful things!

    Face: If you dont have blemishes or anything, just wear a setting powder if you feel comfortable with it. Like the *Maybelline dream matte powder. It gives a nice finish to your skin! If you need concealer, i like *MAC's studio sculpt and maybelline mineral power!

    For eyes, neutral eyes will always be in! If you like eyeshadow, i suggest *Covergirls trio in shimmering sands. You can find eye shadow brushes by sonia kashuk at target very cheap.

    Or from MAC i suggest honeylust for the lid and Satin taupe in the crease!(: they're shadows are worth the price.

    Just add some natural mascara like loerals *Bare naturale mascara. Its very suttle. and use a brown liner to line your water line do define your eyes! the *Rimmel soft kohl is great.

    Lips: try the cover girl colorstay double lipgloss in number 205! Soft pinks are super wearable.

    Hair: Well it depends what you like! if you dont like heat, you should use mousse to tousle your hair. like *Tousle me sotly buy herbal essances. If you have straight hair, just keep it straight, and use a cute headband! Target has TON in their jewelry section.

    I hope i helped! i'll link some outfits(: i really hoped i made things easier for you!

    Source(s): http://www.forever21.com/category.asp?catalog%5Fna... http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fnam... http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fnam... http://www.forever21.com/heritage1981/product.asp?... http://www.forever21.com/product.asp?catalog%5Fnam... YOu should check these out! Oh and for a backpack, check out jansport(: They always have cute ones. or go to tillys.com and look at their backpacks, and find one you like!
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