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how do u shoot dice

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  • 10 years ago
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    If you want to learn how to play dice games, then I’ll give you an easy way with a lot of excitement.

    Like beer making and fantasy sports, playing dice qualifies as one of the popular guy hobbies. Dice inspire men to create countless beer drinking games too

    Basic Dice Game Instructions

    Always agree upon the basic rules before playing a game. Games are fun. Arguments are not.

    Here are widely accepted basic dice game rules for all games that will help you learn how to play dice quickly:

    1. The results of a roll must land flat on the table or playing surface.

    2. If they fall off a table or lean against an object, they are said to be “******”. They must be rolled again.

    3. “Stacked” means one die landed on top of another after being rolled.

    They must be rolled again.

    4.. Each player “flops”, or rolls, one die to determine who goes first. The highest number wins.

    5. Players can change these rules as long as other players are in agreement.

    TIP: The last rule is worth re-reading. Rule variations can add to the fun, but everyone must agree to them first.

    Rules for individual games may alter these common rules too

    " 1 Precision dice" are required by casinos for gambling games, like craps. These are made as perfect as humanly possible. The goal is to give an equal chance for any side of a die to land face up when rolled.

    2. A Dice Cup (also known as a “box”)

    Depending on the game, you may need one per player. Almost any cup will work as long as it isn’t clear. . Players tend to slam the cups down on the table during the game. Hard.

    3. Counter

    If you’re gambling, these are called poker chips or money. Otherwise, a counter could be anything. Each player needs an equal number for certain games.

    Some of the games you'll want to play require them for scoring.

    4. Scoring Sheet

    Many games just require a pencil and paper to add up scores. Some have more elaborate scoring sheets. It will depend on the dice game instructions. Whenever possible, I’ll provide a scoring sheet for the free dice games listed on this site.

    The Rolling Question: Cup or Hand?

    You should use a cup to roll, if:

    •You are rolling a lot at one time (too many to hold in one hand)

    •You need to conceal the results of your roll.

    You should use your hand to roll, if:

    •You are rolling 1, 2 or 3 at one time.

    •You want to try using "dice control" to influence your roll.

    Some dice shooters--a nickname for people who throw them, so you are one too-- claim that it is possible to influence a roll based on grip, arm motion and other techniques. This is called dice control.

    The subject is a bit controversial.

    If true, this means throwing is a skill that can be practiced after you've learned how to play dice. It also means that winning gambling games, like craps, involves skill and not just luck.

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  • pdq
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    10 years ago

    It actually quite complex. It takes a great deal of coordination to grasp the two dice simultaneously, swing your arm backwards and then forwards, and then release the dice at just the right moment that two dice will both fly across to the other side of the craps table.

    If you really think about it, the amount of things that must happen to make everything work out perfect is quite astounding. Someone might not pick up both dice. Someone might forget to release the dice when their arm is swinging forward! It's amazing anyone ever shoots dice at all.

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  • 4 years ago

    with a shotgun

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  • 5 years ago

    suck my dick

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