US naturalization citizenship process/ traveling to India?

My friend is currently a permanent residence and is in the process of applying for US citizenship. Her interview is mid August. At the same time, she planned a trip to India near the end of October.

After her interview, we don't know how long it will take but from what we've heard, the oath ceremony date can follow within a month. Her husband is a US citizen, therefore this process has been fast so far. Her dates for India can not be changed easily at all because she's an employee.

Once she surrenders her visa she will be issued the naturalization certificate, is it true she will have a hard time going to and from India, or will immigration understand that she is waiting for the new US passport?

What are some suggestions for her to do? Some of the choices we thought of were either delaying the oath ceremony, or getting the new visa/ US passport expedited, depending how close she is to the travel date. If delaying the oath ceremony is no big deal, it could be the way to go, but we don't know if there are any negative consequences with that or not. Please advise, thank you.


Any other answers pertaining to delaying the process, for example delaying the oath ceremony? I was told that she can speak directly with the interviewing officer to delay the oath ceremony and schedule. Let me know any other suggestions.

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  • Gerd P
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    1 decade ago
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    It is really not a good idea to apply for U.S. naturalization and plan a trip to India simultaneously as Indian citizen and U.S. Green Card holder.

    As soon as she has gotten her U.S. naturalization certificate she is required by U.S. law to leave and enter the country on a U.S. passport. ..

    Once she has gotten her U.S. passport she is required by Indian law to renounce her Indian citizenship [fee $ 175] and cannot use the Indian passport any more to travel to India. ..

    The application for a tourist visa is no longer possible for U.S. passport holders of Indian origin. She either needs to apply for an entry visa or needs to get a PIO or OCI card which will take several weeks/months. ..

  • 6 years ago

    We are in the same boat..within a week of interview the India trip is coming up. Kinda lost of what to do..Thinking to postpose oath by requesting the inteviewer..

  • Diane
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    4 years ago

    I suggest you sign up for OCI. That way you can keep your US citizenship and live in India. If your husband gets a green card, he must come to America every year or he will lose his green card. Once a US citizen, one may leave the US indefinitely without problem. Citizenship cannot be revoked.

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