Who makes wearever brake pads and rotors?

I called advance auto parts toll free number just a couple of days ago to find out the manufacturer of Wearever brake pads and rotors/ drums, etc. At first the service rep said that it's made by Wearever. But, when I asked to verify that, he said Wearever was the distributor and not the maker, he put me on hold for a min or two and came back saying that he found it in the other system and seemed to be reading something like Wearever are manufactured by Wagner, owned by Federal Mogul, and distributed exclusively by Advance auto parts. Does anyone know if this is correct? Or is this just pure BS that he gave me because I insisted on getting an answer?

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    Check this Wearever toll free phone number 1-800-830-2885

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    Who Makes Wearever Brake Pads

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    You failed to mention how old the car/brakes are.... If it's an MKV, they'll last damn near forever. I have an MKV Jetta and I've YET to see the front brake pad sensor light up in 6 years and 95,000 miles. Replaced the rears because they were making a strange low speed grinding type noise, but it still did it with brand new pads, so I doubt they even needed replacng. If it's an older Golf, I can't say.....

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    I did my own looking and conclude that if the supplier does not have a web site or is hard to find I do not want their parts on my car.

    I have had enough problems with parts coming from manufactures without a store front.

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    @Colton: the 1 800 phone number you provided is not Wearever Brakepad's manufacturer's. Anyone can provide the correct toll free number?

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    their distribution company is distribuidopor: Wearever 5008 airport rd. Roanoke,VA. 24012

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    Advance is exclusive for wearever but wagner is the same thing.

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    Made in china my friend

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