How to twist on a full twisting layout?!?

I am trying to get a full but i CANT TWIST :( :( the most i have got so far is a quarter :L i just cant seem to twist, even though i:

- put both my arms towards my left side (i twist left)

-turn my head

- turn my hips as much as possible

-have a decent layout

Please please PLEASE help mee :) i will be so happy if i can get a full by the end of summer :)

Annie xxx

PS im doing it on a trampoline so why can't i twist?! :@

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I twist left, too :D (Or I did, when I was a gymnast). That's not so common lol. High five, leftie!

    A lot of it could actually have to do with fear, maybe even subconsciously. Are you nervous about doing it on the floor? Because if so you're naturally not gonna pull as hard to get that twist in. I think that was the problem with me when I was first learning. I had it down on the tramp and into a pit, but for some reason I couldn't twist it on the floor for a long time. If that's not the issue, just remember to tighten up your body and pull your arms in harder and faster. Keep them as close to your body as possible. Don't throw your head back. Like the first commenter said, lead with your toes as usual and maintain the good layout position. Check your timing, too - are you twisting too early or too late? Have your coach watch you and let you know. Gooood luck :)

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    5 years ago

    learn how to do a proper layout first. go to a local gym and get a coach to help you. it is highly unlikely and very dangerous for you to teach yourself a full. once you have a GOOD layout, a full shouldn't be too hard. the most important thing to remember is that a full is a LAYOUT.. so first focus on the layout then learn the twist. make sure to not twist off of the ground (you ideally shouldn't start twisting until your toes are over your head in the layout). basically, just find someone who can spot you. that will help more than anything.

  • 1 decade ago

    Im working on mine also i just recently got my full on tramp and im now working on it on the floor. it sounds like your doing everything right but the reason you might now be able to twist is because you loose your head at some point or you arent leading with your toes. The other problems you might be having is that you pull your arms to late trying pulling them to your side faster and keep your arms close to your body because if your arms are out itll be harder to twist. also try pulling your arms harder and faster down to your side! I hope this helps i really want to be a coach at some point!

    Source(s): Level 7 gymnast, JV cheerleader
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