What are some good dares?

Me and my friends are playing a game of strip dare or double dare.

Basically if you don't do a dare you strip off and article of clothing when you get to your Underwear you lose.

What are some good dares?

*Nudity is allowed*

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    1 decade ago
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    Dare him to walk around house (outside) with cock hanging out his fly.

    Dare him to go outside and come back without his underwear. or carrying his underwear.

    Dare him to call a looser girl you all know and ask her out on a date.

    Dare him to go out to the mailbox in his underwear. no pants.

    Dare him to call the pharmacy and ask them if they have extra small condoms in stock.

    Dare him to call the pharmacy and ask them what size tampons come in and what size your little sister would need.

  • Dare one of your friends to go outside and scream super loud. Er something.

    Hope this helps with other ideas!

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