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Maxine Waters & Charlie Rangel- Are these 2 just the beginning of the CULTURE OF CORRUPTION from the Democrats?


Stay Thirsty My Friends.......

ALL Corruption, regardless of party, needs to be weeded out and disposed of.

As the reasonable fellow you appear to be sometimes, I thought maybe you would agree.

Update 2:

The party is power always gets the spot light on their corruption.

(i.e.- 2006, Jack Abramoff and the GOP)

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    Yes they are and once a republican congress is seated the swamp will be drained of corrupt democrats, and maybeif we are in luck impeachement of the President

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    No, they are not just the beginning, but likely will get a pass by the Democrat legislature hearings. This has been going on for decades, remember Dodd getting special deals from Country Wide in the Fannie and Freddie sub prime housing scam and Frank's role in that national disaster? Corruption has not been the sole issue of just one party. Corruption is rampart in both parties, it is just that the Democrats have a tendency to cover over and give their thieves a pass. The ethics committee has all but given Rangel a pass, saying that he did not mean to break the ethics rules but was guilty of not keeping a closer hand on his staff, that the staff were the guilty parties. Pelosi has come out in support of Rangel.

    Until you remove all of the corrupt politicians from legislature in all parties, it will remain business as usual. When Pelosi commented on draining the swamp, she was not referring to those in her own party that are just as corrupt as those on the other side of the aisle. She of course was not referring to herself as corrupt, but as evidenced in the passage of the health care legislation, she is far from an innocent.

    The "CULTURE OF CORRUPTION" is alive and well in the Democrat party as well as the Republican party and has been for many decades.

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    Can a Leopard change its spots? Whats to stop the wheat that remain becoming weeds themselves? Corruption must be killed root and all and only then will a new uncorrupted system emerge. You know the host (we are the host) but you must expose the root parasite in order to eradicate it at its root.

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    For those who have paid attention over the last decade or so, it is obvious that Waters and Rangel were very instrumental in promoting the home loan scam that bankrupted Freddy and Fanny.

    Since most of the politicians in Washington DC played their part in the false economic boom that followed, they can't go after them for causing this terrible recession without having fingers pointed at themselves.

    Since most politicians have nefarious scams going on, it only took a bit of documenting to come up with another way of punishing them for the crisis they caused.

    It would be nice if they would put up equal effort to go after Nancy.

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    People in glass houses, etc....should we compare corruption lists?

    "ALL Corruption, regardless of party, needs to be weeded out and disposed of.

    As the reasonable fellow you appear to be sometimes, I thought maybe you would agree."

    I DO agree.....if you feel that way, why did you only mention democratic corruption?....don't bother answering that...I know why.

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    Only time will tell ! I just wish when we find corruption on either side it would be treated as it should, if they have broke the law they need to be treated as such ! No slap on the wrist and business as usual ! That does nothing to stop the problem !

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    We have to empty DC of everyone affiliated with both parties to end the corruption and unethical treatment of current and future generations.

    Source(s): Both Parties Suck. Rangel and Waters are a good start, but the Republicans are no different.
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    Yes. I've been waiting for Diane Feinstein to face her jury too.

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