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is there such a thing as a natural horsemanship clinic in CA that doesn't require you bring your own horse?

I'm interested in learning more about natural horse behavior and how to better behave around them in order to communicate better but I'm not prepared for the financial obligation of having my own horse. Are there any clinics in California which I can learn more about natural horsemanship without bringing my own horse?


PPF: I would like to actually participate in the training... I feel like this is something I could learn better hands on than just watching (also I dont have a horse to practice with later so it would be just watching)

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    I don't know where any clinics are held in CA, but pretty much any clinic allows spectators. People bring their horses to be used in or participate in the demonstration but anyone that purchases a ticket can be spectator. If you just google horse clinics + your city a whole list of them should come up. You can probably even buy a ticket online.

    I would suggest going with a smaller, lesser-known clinician then (some of them are amazing-even better than the big name ones). Try contacting them before the clinic to set something up that would enable you to participate. Another option would be to borrow a horse from a friend if that is a possibility. You could even go so far as to try to volunteer for the clinician and help behind the scenes at the clinics in exchange for some training, again you would probably be more successful starting small and going with a lesser-known clinician.

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