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Cooks: What is a good side dish to serve with Foie Gras?

I dont really know what to serve with it. I want to serve something French, but I want it to be something good in case my guests dont like the Foie Gras. I was just going to cook it for one person, but now they invited two other people. Not everyone will like Foie Gras, but I didnt invite them anyways, so I dont really care if they dont like it, I just dont want them to go home starved so I want a good side dish or two that they can eat in case.


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    It is served in most cases as an appetizer or on a meat entree as a garnish, for an appetizer, I would serve a small lightly dressed salad, toasted bread or serve it on a crouton also, a sauce made from a fruit is nice, even raisins or apples sauteed with a bit of fresh butter, flamed with brandy or calvados, is fine.

    When I was a chef and work in many hotels in North America and abroad, we did it as an appetizer or as I said on top of a filet mignon with a Madeira sauce, this is known a tourenados rossini.

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    With the foie gras you want some nice crisp thin toast and a sweet desert wine, a muscat de riversaltes, do a green salad with a very light dressing. You could provide a paté that is not foie gras for people who do not like the taste or thought. Another maybe make a nice quiche, a very french thing to bulk out a meal and incredibly easy to make. When it is cooked slice it in to narrow slices and put on a plate for people to take what they want. A nice mushroom paté if you have vegetarians, even if not, it is so nice, though not very french, see if you can get a couple of baguettes, filing and good and serve them with some good brie or Camembert after the foie gras

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