Does AvP integrate with steam?

Ok...I have a steam account but I havn't bought anything off of steam. So I can't add friends and such. I just got an EAH 5850. Now I want to get TF2 but my parents can't justify me saving up £250 then buying a 3-year old game...But I will get it, one day :'(.

Anyway if you go add game to steam then it unlocks your account allowing you to add friends and all. Does this work with Avp? Or is it just Orange box.

Thanks :)


The £250 was for the new GFX card.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Whats the £250 for? Steam is a games platform and various games automatically integrate with Steam even if you have bought the game in a shop, like Dawn of War 2, Empire Total war, UT3, Just Cause 2 AVP 2010. To be Honest Steam has some amazing Sales every now and then with the Orange Box going for around a fiver. As you play games online you will make friends and join groups. The great thing is that once you have bought a game on Steam you have it for life ready to install as long as you are connected to the net, never need to worry about losing discs or finding serial keys. Steam will store it all for you and some games use Steam Cloud which means they save your game saves and settings so if you Hard Drive Crashes and you get a new computer you can start playing the game without starting from scratch.

    Edit: You can get away with a cheaper card than £250 anything from a Nvidia 9600GT and up would do fine. They retail for around £60-£70

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