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澳洲Working Holiday Visa生活問題

我剛剛申請左澳洲Working Holiday Visa,已經批左!



1.) 而且其實我唔係有好多錢,聽講係澳洲租屋一個月要HK$7000~9000!太太太貴啦!我俾唔起...之前都會有多一個人Share...現在沒有了!

2.) 同埋因為真係無經驗,如果真係去,應該要計劃,第一站最好定係邊?

3.) 如果2010年11月出發會唔會有問題?機票我應該係邊度買會平D?

4.) 一年既計劃應該點樣Plan...我原本想學好D英文,但Working Holiday Visa只可以4個月內完成學程!我唔怕辛苦,但對於種種新視物,不知從何入手Plan...



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    Firstly, don't worry too much, you have to spend more time on some information such as hostel, travel agent, homestay, helper etc so you can well prepared by yourself

    1. don't find a house too fast. Hostel is the most choice when you arrive. When you have a farm job, where may provide accommodation as well. so don't conform any tenancy on house too fast.

    2. the 1st destination is choosen by you, not by us. For me, I decided to go Perth as I think Sydney is more difficult to find a job. Also I like perth. But i go Aus in winter, don't go Tasmanina because there would be too cold in winter.

    3. Not problem when you go Aus. Nov is better than Dec, because Dec is high season for travel, so availability of hostel may be low and the price may be higher if holiday season. I bought air ticket from Australia Airline, her service is very good and I can arrive in Perth and depart in Melbourne. Please chech the airticket should be valid for a year.

    4. There are too much korean and japanese learn english, so if you are hk guy, i think your english is much better than them. so don't waste time & $$$ on learning. maybe you can look for helper or voluneer staying in the farm, you can stay with Aussie family to learn english. Of course, you have to help them to do household work or farmwork in return for meal and accommodation.

    pls do search the keyword:

    "helper exchange", join the member and you can see the information of host, so you can contact directly via email or telephone to confirm stay duration! I spent qo days as helper in perth. The experience was quite good and I learnt cooking about Aussie food. But I recommend you meet one guy to accompany with u to as helper together.


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    1.) 而且其實我唔係有好多錢,聽講係澳洲租屋一個月要HK$7000~9000!太太太貴啦!我俾唔起...之前都會有多一個人Share...現在沒有了!

    I rent a 3br Home in Sydney Suburban (The most expensive of all city) a 3 bedroom HOUSE with a very nice backyard only cost 360 AUD per week.....that's A$1440 per month, that's about 7,000 HKD a month.

    If you are going lone, no point renting a 3 br home unless you want to sub-rent it out a Normal 1/2 bedroom apartment is only about 200-250 per week, if you still don't want to, you can try share Home with others, which will cost you about A$100-200 per week.

    2.) 同埋因為真係無經驗,如果真係去,應該要計劃,第一站最好定係邊?

    Depend on you want to travel first or work first,

    If you want to travel first, you should go to some small city and see the real australia, like cairns or townsville, if you want to work first, then you should go to big metro, like Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane

    3.) 如果2010年11月出發會唔會有問題?機票我應該係邊度買會平D?

    You can only get your ticket in HK, as you need to show your return ticket when you go past Australian Custom when you arrive.

    .) 一年既計劃應該點樣Plan...我原本想學好D英文,但Working Holiday Visa只可以4個月內完成學程!我唔怕辛苦,但對於種種新視物,不知從何入手Plan...

    I don't know about WHMV and its constrain (I am blessed to be an Australian Citizen) if i were to make use of 1 year and learn stuff on the go, i would spend 4 month learning 6 month working then the rest for traveling.

    You could go from state to state if you want, but that will cost more than you just focus in 1 state. So, however you plan is up to you.

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