Alkane同Alcohol (急急急)

想問下Alkane 同 Alkanol (Alcholo) 嘅 similarity 同 difference

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    Alkane is a saturated hydrocarbon. CnH2n+2 e.g. CH4 methane

    Alkanol is any simple aliphatic alcohol. R-OH where R represents an alkyl group made up of carbon and hydrogen in various proportions.

    Alkanol is alkane derivative that has hydroxyl group -OH bonded to carbon atom. (One of hydrogen atoms of alkane is replaced by –OH function group. e.g. CH3OH methanol, C2H5OH ethanol


    (1) They both are organic compounds.

    (2) They both contain carbon and hydrogen atoms.

    (3) They are single bonded.

    (4) They both burn in air.


    (1) Alkanol has –OH group. Alkane does not have any oxygen atom.

    (2) Alkanol is a liquid at room temperature while alkane is mostly gas.

    (3) Only intermolecular forces are dispersion force in alkane. Alkanol can form hydrogen bond with one another. Hydrogen bond is a very strong intermolecular force. As a result, the melting points and boiling points of alkanols are far higher than alkane having similar molar mass.

    (4) Alkane is immiscible with water while many alcohols are miscible.

    (5) Many of the properties and reactions characteristic of alkanol are due to the electron charge distribution in the C-O-H portion of the molecule.

    Note: this is only a brief outline.

    Source(s): Any Organic Chemistry Textbook
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