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Why does Israel justify attacking and killing civilians?

Whatever reasons are given are not accepted.Civilians should not be attacked deliberately ,and then justified for false reasons.

Why does Israel "labels" the ones who attack Israeli civilians as "Terrorist" ,meanwhile, the Israelis attack civilians deliberately and then justify the attack. dosent the ones who are "labeled" as "terrorist" , "whoever they are" use almost the same reasons arguments and justifications.

Does this "label" israel as a "Terrorist" state.


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    The unannounced Israeli objective from those wars against civilians is to destroy the Palestinian will for resistance and their desire for freedom.

    They use the following tactics to reach their objective:

    1- Spread fear and desperation among them

    2- Break their bones

    3- Let them lose hope in any descent future for them and their children.

    This should leave the Palestinians with one of two options:

    1- Submit to the Israeli will and shut up forever

    2-Escape that land of fear and terror

    What the Israelis do not know is that what the Europeans used against them does not work in this part of the world. When will they learn that? After killing a Million Palestinians? I really don't know!

  • oakley
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    particular, Israel is justified. If the terrorists leaders in Lebanon could end utilising the harmless civilians as Shields, and hiding at the back of them whilst combating, then the civilian loss could be plenty extra constrained. Who do you think of the Hezbollah is killing.... Yep, the respond is Israeli civilians, so why is that ok? You combat fireplace with fireplace. Hezbollah and all terrorist kill harmless civilians on a daily basis. the place have been you on 9/11? the particular aim replace into harmless civilians. it is by no skill a point enjoying field as long as terrorist aim and use harmless civilians as their pawns. particular, Israel is relatively JUSTIFIED in what they're doing, and that's attempting to decrease the civilian casualties via concentrated on government and militant objectives. Hezbollah purely fireplace missiles without worrying the place they land. won't be in a position to you notice that. won't be in a position to all human beings see that? Oh,and SHY, conscious up. Heck you won't be in a position to even spell HEZBOLLAH wisely, much less information the full concern. study some historic previous books on the subject.

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    Abu, Your question has no proof or substance. And the fact that you state "Whatever reasons are given are not accepted" indicates that you are just ranting and aren't really interested in an answer to your 'question'. That is a violation of Yahoo! Answers rules, BTW.

    Israel does not 'attack and kill civilians'. They defend their "right to exist" as an independent, democratic, sovereign country from the attacks of the dictatorships they are surrounded by.

    Hundreds of explosive devices (many on poorly aimed and inaccurate missiles) come into Israel regularly and hurt civilians and their property. Those who would do harm to Israel, are cowards, and hide in civilian neighborhoods, near schools & where kids are. Israel targets where those missiles are fired from and destroys those buildings (AFTER warning has been given to allow for civilians to evacuate.)

    Israel has demonstrated a track record of a desire for peaceful coexistence. Multiple times they have traded land for peace, only to have peace destroyed by the very people they had given the land to. Currently, within Israel, there are more than a million Arabs who are citizens of Israel and who enjoy the high levels of freedom, education, have jobs, and a high standard of living for the region. Israel allows these people to live there freely, and they are tolerated there. They may worship as muslims, if they choose, or any other religion they desire. They have freedom. This shows that Israel is a VERY tolerant state, unlike its neighbors, many of which could EASILY be labeled as 'terrorist states'.

    Source(s): The truth, not slanted supposition
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    "Civilians should not be attacked deliberately..." You are absolutely correct. Which is why I have never actually heard any Israel spokesman or pro Israel advocate actually say that Israel deliberately attacks civilians and then proceed to justify it.

    Rather, Israel deliberately targets terrorist organizations such as Hamas. The reality of war is that it is rarely clean and civilians can get killed. This is doubly true in cases where the terrorist organization operates within a civilian population.

    The label of "terrorist" gets applied to Hamas because it is the literal truth. They are a terrorist organization that presents a threat to Israel and its citizens. Can you argue otherwise?

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    I suppose Lebanon does the same thing, I see no difference. It's wrong, though I wouldn't believe a single word from the media or government (ANY MEDIA OR GOVERNMENT) in the Middle East.

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    1. Not once in 62 years and 7 wars has Israel attacked without proper provocation.

    2. The ratio of militants to civilians killed by the Israeli DEFENSE Force is 1:1. The next closest army is killing militants/civilians at a 1:39 rate.

    3. In all wars/battles/attacks by all countries in history, civilians are killed. It's a fact of such an event.

    4. Israel is in no way a terrorist state. It is simply a small, free, democratic, Jewish state surrounded by 23 larger, non-democratic, Muslim countries who, on the whole, refuse to recognize its legitimacy as a country and threaten its existence.

    Oh and that computer you're typing on.. the hardware was most likely developed in Israel.

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    In this war ALL SIDES are attacking civilians at some level.

  • Kevin7
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    9 years ago

    Israel does not intentionally kill civilians!!

  • ?
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    9 years ago

    if you just decide that Israel justified all the killings with false reasons, there is no more to say.

    just i wonder how you or the palestinians justify the killing of Israelis by the palestinians.

  • 9 years ago

    They are alone in this.

    Personally I support the idea of a free Palestinian State. I also support a Jew State as well but not the zionist way. I am a pro peace, pro life person myself and I hate the nazis.


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