Why do people feel that it's okay to substitute the word skinny with the word anorexic?

People do this all the time, they assume if a girl is skinny that she is anorexic. I can't stand this. I have been called anorexic numerous time, but i'm not. Just last week I was walking in downtown Washington DC (on vacation) and some women I pass on the street goes "Are you anorexic, your really small". I didn't say anything back to her I just ignored it and kept walking. But people call me anorexic and they'll do it to my face, it's happened throughout my life. People calling me anorexic acually doesnt bother me too much. What bothers me is that people feel that it's okay to be rude and mean like that. It's horrible how people think it's okay to say cruel things about size 00 or size 0 girls, just to make themselfs feel better. Or worse, I believe that maybe some of these people acually do think that you can only be skinny if your anorexic. But i'm just genetically the way I am just like some people are genetically bigger figured. And just as those girls probally have realized that it's very hard for them to get a smaller figure, it would be very hard for me to get a bigger figure because it goes against my genetics.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I completely understand I'm a size 00 and i've been skinny my whole life. It's rude when they do this. I don't understand you wouldn't go to someone who weighs more and say are you obese? It also makes me feel bad. But its okay some people are just mean and won't understand, even though i wish they did!

  • 3 years ago

    it is not ok for any woman who's skinny to be stated as any of those names. it is likewise no longer ok for women who're obese to be stated as names the two. In our society, the media and the merchandising industry has such mixed-up perspectives approximately human beings. They "push" their products to sell them (they say) for income, whether, additionally they supply human beings the "impression" that the exterior visual attraction is the main considered necessary ingredient. of direction they say that. in the event that they did no longer, they does no longer make any money. the thought of "anorexic" or "fatty" starts off as quickly as we are babies. people do no longer settle for issues that are "diverse" easily. all of us understand as adults that we've subject accepting something version, from ethnicity to how a guy or woman wears their hair. while you're preserve with reference to the way you look, then you're already way earlier than maximum folk. you're precise, helpful women do no longer placed others all the way down to make themselves experience extra helpful. many women are jealous of skinny women using fact they "desire" they may be. it is extra proper to be thinner than heavier, as people who're obese are psychologically implied as "undesirable". whether, i've got self belief that if a guy or woman is at a cushty weight and has a solid outlook in direction of others (which includes your self), there relatively is not any reason to fret with reference to the "call callers". ignore approximately them and be your best self. Kudos to you!

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