Are Xanax and Zoloft okay to take together?

I have currently started to take Zoloft again after I've been off for a year, I know it takes a couple of weeks to kick in, but in the mean time I am having panic attacks. Is it safe to take Xanax for a temporary fix while I wait for the Zoloft to kick in?

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    Yes, Zoloft and Xanax are okay to take together. I was prescribed both of them at one time. I later discontinued the Zoloft because I'm bipolar and SSRIs tend to induce manic episodes in my case, but my doctor had me on both of them together and it didn't cause any problems.

    Contrary to what the person above said, Xanax as an anxiolytic, not an antidepressant, and Zoloft as an antidepressant, not an anxiolytic. Mixing the two is not mixing two antidepressants, they are two totally different classes of drugs used to treat two completely different disorders. Also, the effects of Xanax are immediate. It does not require time to build up a therapeutic level of Xanax in the blood before effects are felt. This is the case with Zoloft, but not with Xanax.

    • acually zoloft is used for panic attacks and anxiety not just depression ive been on both drugs most of my life and ive done many drugs and pills and they are different but they help with they same things. just zoloft helps with several other disorders

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    Xanax And Zoloft

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    Zoloft And Xanax

  • I KNoW this is an OLD question with a 'best answer' chosen long ago. But I can not idly scan this without pointing out that alprazolam is very rarely prescribed as a single drug in India compared to the multitude of brands and generics comprising both alprazolam and sertraline in the same tablet. These outnumber the alp-only meds by at least four to one. So it is considered there to be the BEST treatment.

    IP is a respected pharmacopoeia; if anything, after the number of clinical trials done in India which led to this combination being the preferred way of using alprazolam, we should be asking, why are Alprazolam and Sertraline tablets NOT listed in the USP or BP?

    There are alprazolam tablets of 250/500mcg and 1mg as well as SR tablets of 1/1.5mg so alprazolam IS used regularly, Cipla's TRANAX accounting for the majority of sales/dispenses but the combination is prescribed much more often.

    If in India and you do not wish, or are intolerant to, SSRIs, then you will need to tell the doctor immediately otherwise you are likely to be given the combo as default when asking for alprazolam.

    For those who suffer depression, alprazolam is the ONLY BZD recommended for those patients and sertraline has fewest reported side effects and is tolerated by a greater percentage than any other SSRI so perhaps the combo will be best for you.

    Source(s): Medguideindia, Pharmacist in Gurgaon City, further internet research.
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    therapy works a lot better in the long run. you will never have a sex life so long as you take zoloft, and it is probably only going to work thru placebo effect, if it does anything (google antidepressants kirsch placebo). xanax is a benzo, and they cause memory problems, so if you are in school, or need to remember stuff for a job, you could be quite impaired. Also, during withdrawal, the anxiety will come back far worse than it was before, in many cases, plus maybe you will get other special problems like restless legs syndrome.

    many people like the lucinda bassett program, although it is expensive (my county mental health workers use it in their programs for people with severe & persistent mental illness). there is the anxiety & phobia workbook by edward bourne. Your library may have some books. Plus counseling can be helpful, if you find someone who is good at working with anxiety disorders. My social worker says that all the people who completed the lucinda bassett program did get off their anxiety meds, except maybe take a benzo once a month, and these are people who have very severe mental illnesses.

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    That is not working. At first it makes you calm and relaxed. If you take enough you will sleep real well. If you take too much you won't remember much of what happens to you, you can do things and not remember at all. Then after a very short period of time it doesn't work as well, so you take more. And more. And the next thing you know you can't stop taking it. If you are anxiety suffer, than this will be of great value for you. It has been proven that over 95% of those that have joined have been successfully cured. Some of the most advanced relaxation techniques as well as one-on-one coaching are included in the program, as well some bonus features.

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    Yes they are very safe to take together. The Xanax is a short-term treatment to an anxiety disorder. Zoloft is a long-term treatment of it. Xanax is often prescribed to alleviate symptoms before the long-term treatment of anxiety and panic disorders begins to work or for acute panic attacks.

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    i don't think this is good at all, since both are MDS for panic attacks and depression. i would take the zoloft as prescribed and leave the xanax off. this can cause adverse reactions by taking two different anti depressants at once, unless otherwise prescribed by the dr..both xanax and zoloft take six to eight weeks to get in the body's system completely.both have side affects of diarrhea, headache, sexual dysfunction, and can cause vivid dreams at times. however, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages.just stick to the zoloft and leave off the xanax. this can lead to cheminal dependency if you are on xanax at the same time as zoloft. god bless.

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