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Other than the original formation, what was your favorite DX formation + YWWA MEGA Show Results 2?

Psycho Dude 99 reveals “The Revolution of YWWA

After nearly a month of hype, PD was prepared to announce who the man was that was not only apart of The Force, but was the future of YWWA. That man turned out to be the well known Rated Silent! Though never dipping his foot into major feds, PD wanted Silent to make his name in YWWA. Silent then cut a short promo on how he would not let anyone down. PD then stood by as he watched Silent go up against Riggs in his 1st ever match on YWWA.

Match 2: “The Revolution of YWWA” with Psycho Dude vs Jason Riggs

After fans were surprised with Rated Silent being announced as “The Revolution”, critics were rather pleased. However, the fans were not because this great talent was already aligned with The Force. Riggs unfortunately was on the receiving end of Silent trying to make his impact. The bell rang and with fans anticipated after a long hype for Silent, the 2 stared eye to eye. But soon the staring came to a halt and Silent ran and clobbered Riggs with a hellacious clothesline. Riggs squirmed around on the mat clutching his head and Silent immedialty locked in an Ankle Lock. Riggs struggled for a good 5 seconds before taping out. He pounded the mat as fast as he could showing he was in great pain, but Silent wouldn’t let up. The ref got behind Silent trying to pull him off but Silent elbowed him in the jaw and took him down. Riggs was passing out from the pain and Silent was relentless as the fans booed. Soon 3 refs came running out and PD at ringside stopped them all. He pushed 1 into the steel steps, the other into the barricade, and a final ref he nailed with a clothesline. Fans were even beginning to throw their drinks in the ring at Silent and after nearly 2 minutes of keeping the Ankle Lock applied Silent finally broke it off. PD entered in the ring and rose Silent’s hand in victory. Nobody was cheering Silent and PD as PD showed he obviously was proud of Silent and what he had done.

Winner: Rated Silent

Match 3: Red Sexy Cerebral Phenom (with The Breakthroughs) vs Ms. Extreme

In a great knockout match, the Womens Champ Ms. Extreme squared off with the up and coming Phenom. This was Phenoms big chance and fans were interested in seeing how this battle would go. The battle began with Phenom extending a hand for a handshake but in shames of what Amie did to her last week Phenom caught Extreme off guard with a cheap attack. Surprisingly a small portion of the fans were for Phenom, but almost all were for the champ. Still, Phenom was wearing down Extreme while she was on her knees by kneeing her and punching her. Then while Extreme was on her knees Phenom hit a unique DDT. Phenom however quickly pulled up Extreme and whipped her into the ropes. She hunched over hoping to hit a back body drop but instead Extreme was able to hit a hurrincanrana. The move sent Phenom down to the outside and Extreme vaulted over the ropes and pressed onto the floor to land on Phenom. Fans cheered as Extreme was in control leading YWWA into a commercial break. As it returned Extreme had yet to lose control. She was chopping down Phenom in the corner before hitting a monkey flip. Phenom was back down and Extreme had a moment of rest. But soon Phenom did make it back to her feet and Extreme was ready to go back at it. She ran and took Phenom down with a shoulder block. Phenom got back up and was hit with a 2nd one. She got up again and this time was whipped into the ropes and hit with a back body drop. Extreme was leading this match and looked to be setting up for a Twist of Fate. But before she could go for it Phenom got out of the ring. Phenom thought she outsmarted Extreme but instead Extreme hit a running baseball slide on her. Extreme now was on the outside with Phenom and pulled her up to hit a hard spinning neckbreaker to the floor! Fans gasped and both women were down from it and in pain. Extreme obviously was in a lot less pain and managed to throw Phenom back into the ring. With Phenom down Extreme climbed up to the top rope. But before she could hit a move Phenom rushed up to the top too. She began wearing down Extreme until she did a very impressive daredevil move. She faceplanted Extreme from the top rope all the way down to the mat! Fans applauded whether liking Phenom or not and both women were down and out. As YWWA returned Phenom had been in complete control. She was attacking Extreme and had just hit a running bulldog. Phenom then pulled Extreme back up and hit her with a backbreaker. Extreme rolled around in pain but Phenom didn’t let up. She brought her up and hit her with a 2nd one adding onto the pain. Phenom was proving to be genuinely evil and brought Extreme up yet again, only this time hitting a gutbuster. This match was an odd ½ and ½ match. For the 1st ½ Extreme dominated, and for the 2nd Phenom now was. Again she brought up Extreme and hit a 2nd gutbuster. Phenom about ready to now close in for a giant upset by pinning the Women’s Champio


Champion as she set up for her finisher the Phenomenon. But Extreme was able to counter it and roll her up. 1, 2, 3! Extreme won! Out of nowhere Extreme rolled up Phenom and snuck in a victory. Fans were excited and pleased and Phenom was in shock. After a great 28 minute hard hitting battle, Phenom surprised everyone but in the end Extreme got the victory.

Winner: Ms. Extreme

Michelle McKenzie visits Deadman 4 Life

After weeks of emotional abuse, Michelle decided to pay a visit to Deadman. Deadman didn’t mutter a word but Michelle simply asked him to do 1 thing. After weeks of PD making her life hell she simply asked Deadman to go out there and kick PD’s @ss. Deadman then looked to be considering the idea as the cameras went off him.

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    Short Promo:

    Jason Riggs thought he could get away, trying to stop me point blank before I even begin my legendary status. But Jason, you are just my first of many, but the question is, who is next in line to either tap or snap!

    *Drops Mic*

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    *MS.EXTREME PROMO* *short segment*

    "Tonight, it felt good to win a match ,after the last couple weeks of Amie beating my *** all over the ring."Tonight is exactly what's gonna happen to Maria and Amie at Aftershock."Amie was successful tonight against Maria,sadly *pretends to cry*" I mean it was so hard getting you *** beaten and now maybe you won't be able to make it!" *sigh* Amie congrats on your match tonight *claps*" What a show tonight wow! *fades to black*

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    Shawn Micheals;HHH; And Chyna.

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