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Stretched canvas oil painting?

I purchased an oil painting .After I put it on my wall I easily noticed you can see the shape of the wood through he edges of the painting.I'm not sure if the canvas is to thin or if the canvas was stretched ??BTW ,I ordered it on ebay

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    When mounting an oil painting, the canvas has to be stretched. If you can see the stretcher bars (the inside frame over which the painting is stretched), it would normally mean one of two things: Either the painting is not stretched hard enough, thus leading to it "falling into" the internal frame making this visible; Or the stretcher bars themselves are uneven and therefore show through the canvas.

    the solution to the problem of course depends on which of these scenarios you face. Either you need yo re-stretch the painting, or you need to change the strecher bars (and the re-stretch it).

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  • Carl
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    10 years ago

    It was probably stretched as the canvas becomes very thin during this process. Suggestion: put the painting where there isn't too much light behind it--a dark wall.

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  • 10 years ago

    It could be that the canvas loosened a bit, if this is the case put a coat of gesso on the canvas back.

    Or it could be that the frame was not correctly beveled if this is the case you have to replace it.


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