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Why does Dale Earnhardt Jr never slide in the points even though he has been finishing 25th or worse?

For two weeks in a row Junior has finished 25th or worse, yet he never slides in the point standings? Every other driver with poor finishes is sliding...not Jr.

Can anyone help me figure out "NASCAR Statistics," I sure can't figure this formula out, other than NASCAR can't let Jr miss the chase...

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    Dale Jr. is just proving how meaningless it is to make the chase.

    It's funny how he is about to make the chase with all these horrible finishes along with many many mediocre finishes. Making the chase isn't an accomplishment, it's just pathetic if you don't make it. Let's say he gets lucky and makes the chase. What does that prove? Nothing.

    Dale Jr. has had 0 (ZERO) DNF's so far this year. How can you have no DNF's all year and still finish so low in the points, especially with the greatest team in the sport. Jimmie Johnson has 4 DNF's this year, yet he is 4th in points. Or there is Ryan Newman with 4 DNF's so far, and he is about to pass up Dale Jr.! Ryan Newman is a mediocre driver who rarely drives up front but with 4 DNF's he is still just about to pass Jr. in points. I find it funny how low Jr. is in the points with 0 DNF's.

    He sucks, I wish Dale Jr. fans and everyone would just admit it. Dale Jr. had like 2 good years in his long career. He has been around for so many years, always drove for a top team, but still only had like 2 good years. He is not good, never has been good, and never will be good.

    I kinda hope he makes the chase, just to show Nascar how much of a joke the chase is.

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    Dale Sr in no way complete worse than 12th interior the perfect ingredient standings, yet he grew to become right into a appropriate legend for the period of his time interior the sport. Dale Jr is in basic terms yet another stable motive force which could win a race right here and there and even have down years resembling those Jeff Burton had from 2002-2005. yet i've got in no way seen absolutely everyone with expertise in basic terms thoroughly flop like Jr did in 2009, maybe Terry Labonte in 2001, 2002 and 2004 yet he grew to become into already a shown champion and grew to become into ending his occupation. Dale Jr ought to be in his best precise now, he remains in basic terms 35.

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    His closest competitors didn't gain that much on him, how the points work is if a driver ahead of you has a bad day you can capitalize, so that means you having a good race and your competitor having a bad one to gain anything substantial. If you and your competitors finish together you're not going to gain or lose much, the people trying to catch Junior for that spot didn't finish where they wanted to and because of Junior's point advantage over his closest competitor. And one more thing...Nascar is NOT helping Dale Jr. out in the Chase hunt.

    Source(s): I watched Nascar for a long long long time, is that enough?
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    Well done Kyle, you beat Junior by 4 whole spots this week!

    Neither one of you got a top-20. At least Junior had a motor dying on him as an excuse, so what's yours?

    At least you're keeping up with your annual summer slide down the standings so as to not make the Chase, again, and further torment your devotees.

    Only problem is you had your crew chief fired, you had your spotter fired, so who's next on the whipping post, and when are you going to start taking the blame for your shortcomings?

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    Who is Dale Earnhardt Jr?

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    It is pretty simple and basic math. I would expect

    that even a pilot could do it. Just take the total points per

    race based on all drivers add them up and position

    driver in sequence high to low. I have faith in you,

    just stop tearing up over the truth and try.

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    Because the couple guys behind him in the points aren't doing good enough to pass him. (Newman, Kahne, McMurray, Reutimann, and Logano.

    It's about overall points, and Dale has more points than those guys. He had a couple good runs earlier in the season. If he didn't have them, most likely he would be behind those few guys I mentioned.

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    The points are laid out in simple black and white. Get a calculator.

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    He is getting lucky that the guys he's close to in points are screwing up too.

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    Voodoo points keeping..

    Feel The Magic...

    And don't forget your meds..

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