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What are the best ways to lose body fat and gain muscle?

I have 10 weeks to get into shape. I am not fat but have a little "puppy fat" that could do with going. Other than that i need to get toned up.

1) What exercise to i need to do in order to acheive toned pectorals, biceps and abs. Please be as specific as possible.

2)What foods shall i be avoiding and eating. Is it true that carbs are not good for trying to get toned?

3) How many hours a day/ trips to the gym a week should i be doing?

Thanks in advance


I am male, 20 years old

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    just try this

    calories an individual will burn at rest during a 24-hour period. To lose weight fast, this number must be as high as possible. Individuals wishing to lose weight should eat early and often (but not a lot). Eating breakfast can increase daily metabolism by as much as 25 percent. The body conserves energy until it receives its first meal, so eating breakfast lets the body know it is OK to jump-start daily processes, which will burn calories. Eating three small meals and one to three small snacks throughout the day helps to keep the metabolism high, as well.

    •Step 2

    Increase your daily activity level. During an eight-hour workday, a server in a restaurant will burn more calories than a computer programmer. While many may not be able to change to a more active occupation, there are still a number of ways to increase the amount of calories burned with lifestyle. Take the stairs instead of the escalator. Park far away when parking at the store. Plan outside activities with family and friends.

    •Step 3

    Increase the amount of weekly exercise. The best way to start a walking habit is to schedule a time to walk each day. It is best if it is the same time every day. So plan on taking your walk or jog before work, at lunch or after work. It is important to create a habit, and it takes about a month for a habit to become second nature.

    •Step 4

    Think "Paleolithic" when making food decisions. If the food is boxed or processed, you probably shouldn't eat it. Consume healthy fats by eating a lot of fish, nuts and seeds. These healthy fats can help decrease cholesterol, treat arthritis and improve overall joint health. Fish and other seafood also contain protein. Other healthy, natural sources of protein are chicken, turkey, organ meats, legumes, and organic meat and dairy products. Most carbohydrate intake should come from fruits and vegetables. Whole and sprouted grains should be eaten, as well.

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    just go to the gym everyday

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