who lives in houston,texas?

Hi, I live in Japan right now, but I might be moving to live in Houston.

I am so scared to move to houston ,because when I was young I used to visited my grandma who lives in houston. I was always stuck at the house because houston has horrible sprawl and everyone depends on a car.

Well I might be moving to houston and since I know nobody I want to make new friends, and also where can I go to make new friends? And also what do people do in Houston ?

what is fun? what is enjoyable? I am very used to the urban environment (dense population and being able to walk everywhere to stores by foot(like new york, sanfrancisco or OSaka japan)

I am so scared , please someone who lives in houston be my friend and tell me about it.


oh no Madison that is so scary! Should I stay in japan?

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  • 9 years ago
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    I live near Houston and... actually the only thing I've ever done was go to the aquarium and the zoo they have there. They also have the Johnson space center if you're interested in going there, but most of it is for little kids. They also have a museum and there are a lot of concerts and sports events in the city. Oh, and the Galleria, duh. it's a pretty big city, you'll find something to do. And you will able to walk to a lot of places, but you won't want to for most of the year, it's wayyyy too hot and humid.

    Edit: ...um, I don't know how Houston compares to Osaka, but if you like new experiences then maybe you should move here. But, there's one thing: I'm not sure if you're the racist Animal seeking kindness or not, but there are a lot of black people there so... yeah. If that were to influence your decision at all (which it shouldn't)

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    9 years ago
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