Is it possible to wipe out the whole internet?

The reason I ask is very simple. Everyone, it would seem, has personal information stored on the internet. Many people have their bank information only on the internet, no paper trail at all. If the whole internet were to be completely wiped clean, that information would be lost. So my question is, is it possible for the whole internet to be wiped clean? And if so, what would it take?


Doug, by all means, enlighten us with your 'expertise' on the matter.

Update 2:

the question was, is it 'possible'. therefore Jeff, while extemely difficult, it could be done then by simply destroying the places in which the information is stored.

Update 3:

Kane, as with doug, feel free to enlighten us all as to how it works. that is, after all a part of the question. its not a simple yes or no question here.

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  • Jeff P
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    1 decade ago
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    You would have to destroy the earth to lose all the data. All the data stored on the Internet is stored in lots of locations, so you would have to destroy every location the data resides to completely destroy it. It would take a lot of effort to say the least.

  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I thinkto wipe out the whole internet

  • DC
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    1 decade ago

    No it is not possible to wipe out the whole internet unless you completely blew the planet right out of existence. You obviously have no concept of the internet.


    "Doug, by all means, enlighten us with your 'expertise' on the matter."

    Gladly. As the other posters have stated and shown. all the information that is on the internet is backed up and stored in multiple locations. Have you ever looked at the way a spiders web is designed? if you cut one strand is it not possible to still get from point A to point B.. just thru a different route? are there not different junctions where the strands meet making it possible to get from one side of the web to the other no matter how many strands are destroyed until the last one is broken? same applies to the internet and web.if it's not possible to take a direct route,then at one of the junctions make a turn until you find another path.

    all that info could quickly be put back on line.. short of totally destroying the whole earth.

    When the internet/web was in it's early stages that possibilty was thought of and that is why it was designed to be decentralized in case of nuclear attack.

    The internet was a military and educational entity before it was opened to the public. it was intended to remain functional (even if in a limited capabilty) unless there was a complete and total destruction of the planet. expertise enough? See the link below. maybe then you can see the time line and the mentality that went into making the internet/web into what it is to day. Cold war mentality was it's beginnings.

  • Toby
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    1 decade ago

    Doug--while rude--is correct. The Internet is designed to be highly redundant. Even if you wiped out all of Bank of America, for example, they have backups to restore. Even if you blew up the whole planet, there are servers and backups in deep underground bunkers. For more about destroying the planet, look here:

    The Earth is built to last. It is a 4,550,000,000-year-old, 5,973,600,000,000,000,000,000-tonne ball of iron. It has taken more devastating asteroid hits in its lifetime than you've had hot dinners, and lo, it still orbits merrily.

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    yes to wipe out the whole internet is feasible

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    How To Destroy The Internet

  • 1 decade ago

    Okay, first off: No, it is not possible to "wipe out" the internet. If you knew how the internet was arranged as a network then you would understand. Secondly, all the information you are referring to as being "lost" is already stored offline as backup files so it could easily be restored. That information being stolen is a lot more harm than it being erased.

  • 1 decade ago

    1/ It's been created to not be susceptible to these problems (de-centralized network)

    2/ I don't see why without a strong enough solar storm, any electrical/magnetic device wouldn't go weird, hence lose data for magnetic storage ....

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