Where did white people come from?

THIS IS NOT ABOUT RACE SO DON'T GET OFFENDED PLEASE!!! where did Caucasians come from? did they originate from england? i know that Spanish people are either from spain or mexico Porto rico etc.black people either originated from Jamaica. africa, hatti, etc indian people probably come from india etc idk it was a question that was brought up in my history class... and some of my class mates assumed a lot of this crap. this I looked it up but they gave me a number of places and im just confused...

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    Europe. Anglos (English people), Celts (Irish, Scottish-ect), Slavics (Russians).

    Europe is the native place of Caucasians.

    Evolution wise, people evolved into lighter skin due to there being less sun, and different climate due to moving up north.

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    Spanish people are from Mexico or Porto Rico? No, Spanish people are from Spain, Mexicans are from Mexico...... and so on

    Hispanic it's not a race, like Barack Obama and the Queen of England are not part of the same race just because of the fact that they speak english.

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    Well, like everyone they originally came from Africa. Later, they chilled out in Europe for a few ten thousand years.

    Interestingly enough, Africans have white children with a surprising frequency. The reason that they are mainly dark toned is the fact that light skinned people (without proper social acclimation like hats and sunscreen) die from exposure with alarmingly regularity. So saying that white people evolved from black people isn't necessarily true. From a biological perspective, white people devolved from black people by losing the ability to produce a certain type of melanin. But then, black folks need Vitamins A&D added to their food in temperate climates since they can't absorb key UV rays in the winter.

    Bloodlines themselves are actually quite complicated of course - as Europe was often subjected to migrations and warfare, which of course complicated matters. For instance, the Aryan "race" comes from India Not where you might expect white folks to come from. But this over complicates things so we can probably safely ignore it.

    White people simply adapted to the lack of UV radiation in high latitudes. In the scientific categorization of skin colors (based on tanning potential) - "white" people encompass type 1,2,3, & 4 of the 6 skin types. Ranging from very white (as you might expect from Irish or Scandinavian people) to the olive skin often referred to as Mediterranean. Simply put, people with lighter skin adapted from people who did not need dark skin to protect themselves from sun - and in fact received more vitamins with lighter skin (and various sexual selection factors too).

    As a quick note, I'm not sure your other skin color origins are at all accurate either. Black people didn't come from Jamaica or Haiti - Native Americans lived there first. Spanish people only come from Spain - but Latinos are often mixes of varying Spanish and Native American families.

    Anyhoo, this will probably help you out more...



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    Everybody was once one color until millions of years in evolving. The skin color became a mutated gene when everybody at one point had the same color but people went different parts of the world. After millions of years in the process some people got darker then others, depending on where you are located from the sun. This is called "adaptation"

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    If you follow the trek of human kinds ancestors they made their way out of Africa and into the colder climates and further corners. Through evolution they developed ways to cope with their new surroundings. White people became pale and able to absorb more vitamins from their food than before, our features shrunk to help protect them from the snow, and our eyes lightened duh to the lack of melanin in our bodies.

    The same process took place for the Asians but in a different matter. All the races came from one common ancestor in Africa that decided it wanted to explore. It's the same reason why there are black bears on nearly every Continent.

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    The way human evolution worked is that people originated from affrica and the heat and constant harsh sun caused people to become black and have less body hair. as they moved north torwords the mediteranian like in moroco and and egypt spain and itally they developed lighter skin and had alittle more body hair and the hair started to become straight tocover more space for warmth. then as they progresed to germany and england and they developed white skin for the fact they needed to absorbe more sunlight due to the colder climate. and thats where whites comefrom.

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    caucus is a mountain between europe,north africa and the middle east and the white man decided to make up a imaginative race after a mountain swearing out their features come from a freaking mountain,like how scientific is that,right ? lol whites come from india aka the aryans and indians came from africa. it is that simple

  • Some of the black african tribes moved north, probably due to fighting with neighboring tribes. As they moved north, the melenin in their skin began to lessen as the sun in the north was not so harsh as it was in Africa. Basically, whites are the evolution from blacks due to a change in their environment and climate.

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    Ok your "origin" of races is COMPLETELY off. what websites have you been looking at???? Not reliable ones I can tell you that. All humans, regardless of color, as we are all the human race, originated in the Horn of Africa, specifically, Ethiopia. It is there where the oldest human fossils, oldest human ancestor fossils (there is now one found there even older than Lucy named Ardi). So point blank, we're all from Africa.

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