What are the advantages of doing a BCS(Hons) degree?

hey guys I'm hoping to do a Bachelor of Computer Science Degree. BSC(Hons) I wanna know what are the advantages that I may gain through that. And are there any interesting career paths except software engineering? And I wanna know about the median salary approximately one can earn per month. It may differ according to the country. But still I wanna know some general information. If u could explain me further about these, I'd be glad.

Thank You! :D

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    I recall the salary for computer related jobs was around $80,000-$100,000 per year or so. I don't remember, but this is definitely not the starting salary. It really depends what field you go into. Most engineering jobs are high paying anyway, so it probably won't matter.

    Basically, if you're in some sort of engineering, you have a lot of options. I'm doing CSE which is part software, part hardware computer stuff. I could go into forensics, focus on programming, or even end up in a managing position where I wouldn't do anything computer related. No matter what engineering field you graduate from, you'll be able to perform many different jobs.

    Also, getting a minor is some other field like math would be worth it. Companies are always looking for people who can do things other than just what they majored in. For example, I'll also major in German which will be appealing to companies who need someone working oversees. Maybe I won't even do any programming. Maybe I'll just end up translating and communicating for the company. :)

    Anything is possible. Computer fields are very good to get into. There's always something to do and with computer technology constantly advancing, there will always be job opportunities! Good luck!

    Source(s): College sophomore, majoring in Computer Systems Engineering and German
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