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Hand Luggage Weight Restrictions on Easyjet?

Could someone tell me the Handluggage Allowance on Easyjet? Ive been told they dont have one but within reason. If this is the case what would you say is a sensible amount? Thanks

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    There are no weight restrictions with Easyjet on hand luggage but it must measure no more than 56x45x25 cms. You must be sensible however and your luggage must fit into the guage at check-in (if required) without force & you must be able to lift it into the overhead locker without help.

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    The website doesn't mention a weight limit. All they say about the size of hand luggage is:

    "•one standard piece of hand baggage to maximum dimensions of 56x45x25cm"

    It's easy to pack hand luggage within reason. As long as you're not packing it full of bowling balls or bricks, I think you will be just fine.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    no they don't have a weight restriction on hand luggage (although i think it says "within reason", so no bags of bricks!)

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