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Pregnancy & Depression?

I recently started taking Zoloft for severe anxiety and depression. I was on 50mg Zoloft and .25mg of Xanax as needed. I just found out I'm pregnant and the doctor has advised that I go off all my meds. Anyone else out there suffering? Did you switch to something else? Is there a "safe" anti-depressant like Zoloft that I can take?

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  • Jan
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    Nothing is safe. Even paxil has been linked to serious birth defects. This is part of what a mother does, suffer for the best chances of the baby.

    I had severe depression during pregnancy, and after birth even wanted to bring the baby back to the hospital. I took no meds. I didn't want to take a chance of permanently injuring my child. I also have asthma, and only took 1/4 of my meds, and refused to take my advair because of the effects on animal testing that were found. I have chronic pain and am prescribed muscle relaxers and narcotics. Yup gave those up too. Think of it this way. You won't be happy for 9 months, or you could trade that for nine months of happiness and a lifetime of defects problems for the baby. I had no right to cause my child suffering. Being a good mom is about sacrifice. That's what I did.

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    me! I was on prozac for bad anxiety and depression and had to get off too. I tried to wait mine out until I had the baby but it recently got to be too much. They will make you wait until after your out of first trimester to put you on something but after that time there are things you can take. My doctor just put me on wellbutrin. I think I may actually like it better than my prozac!

    Don't suffer and put yourself through that. It's not being selfish, don't let anyone tell you it is. Anxiety and depression untreated can cause the mother to not take care of herself which can hurt the baby. It is also linked to pre-term labor and other problems.

    They make you stop taking it during first trimester for good reason trust me. I've personally seen what can happen when medicines cause birth defects.

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    ask ur doc if there is anything else u could take for depression that wont harm ur baby,already suffereing from depression and being pregnant is not going to help pregnancy makes ur hormones go crazy and the sanest women will become depressed so being that u are going to have to get off ur anit deprresent while pregnant is going to be well, depressing for u see if theres anything else u could take

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    hey, i suffer from depression and am 27 weeks pregnant. when i went to my GP he suggested i immediately stopped taking my medication (20mg of fluoxitine which i have been taking for 3 years.) even i knew that i shouldn't abruptly stop taking my medication but i listened to him and stopped. when i went for my dating scan at the hospital i had an appointment with a pregnancy consultant and she was absolutely furious with my GP's suggestion. she said that many GP's where not fully aware of what medications where and where not safe during pregnancy and that recomending that abruptly stopping this medication could do more harm than good. The consultant put me on 100mg of sertraline as it would not interfere with breastfeeding and plans to double my dose when i reach 36 weeks to try and decrease the liklihood of me developing post natal depression.

    id reccomend getting a second opinion with a doctor who specialises in pregnancy

    i hope this helps

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