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Why is my dad saying choose med and him ONLY or modeling even as a hobby?

If I choose modeling EVEN as a hobby he said I would have to forget him


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    This is your father saying that he respects you and that he feels that you should be known for what's on the inside instead of the outside.

    He doesn't like the idea of you being rewarded for the way you look, he would rather you gain respect from the people that matter instead of just being another model in another magazine. I work in publishing and media so often am confronted by parents who are concerned about the welfare of children.

    Can you really blame him after what he has probably seen and heard of the media? it does seem seedy and trashy, and 80% of it is (as unfortunate as it is)

    Explain to your father that if you did modelling then it would be completely tasteful and that you have a passion for the artistic side of it. Communication is key! and I assure you that if you speak to him openly about it you will reach a compromise. Invite him to the shoot! he will love seeing his beautiful daughter having the time of her life in a studio. It will put him at ease and will really make you seem respectful and mature.

    Always appreciate having that guidance, it doesn't last forever, trust me!

    Good luck


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    Modeling is filled with con artists preying on the less than modest. The astounding output of money by lots of people that call themselves "models" is a show of poor judgment. If you are model material, go to a few places and put yourself out there, and they will find you. If they ask you for money, they are con artists. If that is the only people who are interested in you, you are not model material. That doesn't mean you are unattractive. Work on something else simultaneously - and if you want to be a model, work hard at it. Modeling is not about pretty faces. Modeling is an art form - knowing angles and lighting and top designers and materials that the clothes are made out of. Most models, at some point, are asked to pose semi-nude - artistically, rather than pornographically. If that is not within your set of morals, than you will have to really think about this as a career. There are plenty that will do as asked, and understand that it is about art and fashion.

    If your father forbids it, and this is truly your passion, then you have some decisions to make. Modeling, like lots of art forms, is something that you do because you have no choice. It is not something that people do because they can't concentrate on passing the MCAT.

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    regrettably there's no longer something you will do. Its your dad's relationship - terrific he could make a variety at a similar time as he has had passable. Abusive relationships placed across a very confusing dynamic which seems baffling to outsiders and motives vast frustration once you evaluate that they'd't see why the sufferer does not see the abuse for what that's and easily walk away. i ought to recommend you study abusive relationships to verify and function an know-how of - it wont difference the impediment even though it is going to help do away with a number of anger and bafflement you have have been given at why your dad remains. The sufferer is compelled to stay in the 2d, dealing with the petty dramas, below no situations having the gap to take a depiction of the relationship. The temper swings, threats, manipulations and dramas reason a style of mindf*ck that reduces the guy to no longer being waiting to think clearly any further. Abuse on all stages (phsyical, verbal, psychological, emotional) reduces the guy's journey of self properly worth. The consistent adrenaline overload leavesthe guy or woman wiped out and depleted merely so that they lack the resourcefulness and stress to flee from the impediment. additionally, he must be tied into authorized obligations on sources and would't see some way out. Or he could think he has burned his bridges with the affair and divorce and that he are no longer in a position to returned out now interior the tip he's been by potential of way of. he will save till at last he's suffered passable. Its very complicated for you even though verify out to no longer criticise her as a fashion to make him protecting. you may terrific want that he's going to finally come to computer screen that what he has won isn't love.

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    Your Dad loves you and wants to save your from making a big mistake. Modeling is in truth an unwholesome profession filled with drugs and other nasty stuff. The world needs more doctors, not more "models". You should discipline yourself and keep after your original goal and not be seduced by a so called life of glamor, which is just a thin covering for narcissism and degeneration. Good luck to you! We are rooting for you!

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    You'll have to ask HIM why he's giving you such an ultimatum. He sounds like a control freak.

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