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Old christina applegate movie?

Im trying to find this old Christina Applegate movie. Came out in the 90s and it was a family of aliens. they drank syrup for breakfast. christina wrapped her date up in a cocoon and had to hide him in her bedroom closet. I hope someone knows the name of this movie


it is not mars attacks. ive seen that movie many times. im not sure if it came out b4 or after that movie. i think it was b4 tho

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  • Karen
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    1 decade ago
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    It is Coneheads but Christina Applegate is not in that movie it's Joey Lauren Adams who plays Christina.

    That's who you must be thinking of. Michelle Burke plays Connie Conehead and Parker Posey plays Stephanie.

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    Mars Attacks!

  • Jim
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    1 decade ago

    You may be thinking of "Coneheads" from 1993 and you may be thinking of Michelle Burke or Parker Posey.

    Definitely not "Mars Attacks!"

  • 4 years ago

    Don't believe that to be true

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