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What websites help you learn about . . . ?

Herbal remedies or serum?

My brother really wants to know because he wants to become a doctor that deals with herbs.

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    http://www.herballegacy.com/ he taught the man who taught me the most and cured the incurables with herbs etc. (they also have a school for training people to be herbalists, etc)


    Shirley's wellness cafe- http://www.shirleys-wellness-cafe.com/index.html

    http://www.curezone.com/ must see for alternative health knowledge/help

    also recommend that your brother study the diet and many testimonies at the site hacres.com

    diet-- http://www.hacres.com/hallelujah-diet

    testimonies (type in various diseases and read them you will be amazed) http://www.hacres.com/library/testimonies

    here is a brief thing on herbs that can be used interchangeably but for really comprehensive and unbelievably useful work for help for all diseases and uses concerning herbs and their uses similar to this but way better, see"school of natural healing."


    He also should learn to identify herbs by sight, smell and taste in the wilds, study gardens centers and public gardens that have medicinal plant/herb gardens to see what these plants look like, try to find herb walks in your area, study books and take nature walks, to learn first hand etc

    Practice making his own herbal products as shown in that manual I can email you link to

    but to really grow by leaps and bounds, email for the link to the (free) downloads to Dr

    Richard Schulze's incurables, save your life videos and 700 page manual.

    I learned more from him than from hundreds of books. He has cured pretty much everything with his know how and program and was a student of the man (Dr John Christopher) who also cured the incurables.

    On the very interesting videos from this powerful speaker with real clinical experiences working with the dying and hopeless sand worst of cases, he showed thew power of herbs and other alternative health modalities that few even other naturopaths know. He shows also how to make herbal products, has many interesting case histories, covers many illnesses and demonstrates how to do these things so one can see they are doing things right.

    Also other good info, healers and online books on that site (I do not give out link but can tell you why if you want to know email me)

    If he can get ahold of the rare videos of Dr John r Christopher on eBay once in a while these also are chock full of info on miraculous healings and info for one wanting to help others. They are called school of natural healing..they were once on google videos but removed.

    I also recommend he get three books

    1 School of natural healing by Dr Jo Christopher (huge herbal with tons of info, formulas, etc)


    One can also order a complete thing of his works here

    http://www.christopherpublications.com/Complete_Wo... and also get some of his newsletters/writings here


    2 healthy healing by Linda rector page (available at healthyhealing,com, amazon and many health food stores where it is also often a reference for the workers/customers as is the book below


    3 prescription for nutritional healing by Balch


    It is important that he know that everyone should use only organic or wildcrafted herbs form a reputable source (and fresh) as these are 7-10 times higher in the phytochemicals that cure and prevent disease.

    that these herbs be in the form of tinctures as these are absorbed easily and bypass digestion going right to the bloodstream. The alcohol in them extracts phytochemicals from the herbs that teas and capsules cannot

    2nd best are teas. Be sure he tells people to use steam distilled or distilled water when making the teas (infusions or decoctions) as they are empty and thus the plant/herb releases more of the phytochemicals into the tea than regular water.

    Least effective are capsules which are difficult to absorb. I rarely recommend them.

    Be sure he reads the chapter on herbal quality in the save your life manual that I can send you the Link to. I am can email you, I will just sent it after writing this.



    The greatest healers used food as a big part of their healing programs.


    from Dr Norman Walker who used lots of juices and juice recipes (his fruit and vegetable juice book has these recipes..I found my books by his on eBay.) and a raw plant based diet focusing on fruits, veggies, juices and some raw nuts and seeds. Walker seldom gave his age as he called himself ageless but lived to be somewhere between age 97-117 by practicing his own advice which he discovered in the 1930s or so before most knew this stuff via experimentation and his own two very bad illnesses.


    To Arnold Ehret who together with his disciples reached phenomenal levels of health with his mucusless above ground veggies and fruit diet..his books can be read free online at that link I want to email you...My book (not the online one has an additional segment that talks of one lady's experience and it was incredible the health she reached..beyond anything I ever heard of.


    To Anne Wigmore who cured so many with her wheat grass, raw diet and fermented foods. Into her 80s she ran for hours a day as she had so much energy and her hair turned from gray to black and her students not believing her dark hair in her 80s was not dyed cut some off and sent it to a lab which confirmed it was not dyed.


    To Dr Christopher who healed nearly everything with his incredible knowledge of herbs, many fresh piked herbs and his mucusless diet etc


    To Braggs who opened the first health food store and who taught Jack LaLanne now about 95 years old and still exercising hours a day how to recover his health


    to prolific author (and teacher of Dr Schulze) Bernard Jensen who healed many with diet and colon cleansing and fasting etc and lived to be 100.


    to Linda Page who cured herself to the juice lady who cured herself to on and on and one


    To Victoria Boutenko who cured her son of type 1 diabetes, and her daughter of asthma and herself lost 100 pounds and cured severe arrhythmias that killed her father and her husband who was to be dead in 2 months from a disease without drastic surgery that he refused...fixed then all with a 100% raw food vegan whole food diet and later reached even greater health for her, her family and others with green smoothies and green juices and wrote many books on this and health..within a week of drinking 2 gallons of green smoothies, her and her husbands lifetime moles and warts fell off their body due to its cleanliness and her husband;s beard turned from gray to black. She did a study with people from one town who were told not to change anything in their regular diet and just add one quart of green smoothies for a month saw them all have health benefits and lose weight


    To the firefighter author of engine2 diet who saw all the fire fighters in his area try going vegan due to him and saw all lose weight and trim up and have various health improvements


    To the doctors like Bernard, Gabriel Cousens and House cured diabetes in their patients using either vegan, or 100% raw vegan whole food diets


    To the china study largest study on the link between food and health even done that showed those who were vegan or ate no more than 10% animals had far lower rates of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis and other modern ills


    To Dr Schulze who stood on the backs of some of these great healers and who cured first himself and then nearly everything under the sun even the most deadly and hopeless of diseases and people who were supposed to be dead months ago from full blown late stage aids to myasthenia gravis, got people off dialysis, cured diabetes, and people with cholesterol levels of 800 normal to the deaf hearing and even some blind seeing and all in between using his comprehensive health building program that includes a lot of fresh juices and 100% raw vegan diets.


    to the millions who has cured themselves of everything by changing their lifestyles, who courageous tried and lived and died for what we learned from them..their courage and determination to get better helped us see what is possible with alternative health and those ho did not make it sadly still are part of that legacy as they taught the healers what worked and did not work and had them push the envelop and learn and try..these people are heros of our century.


    to the thousands testifying to their health cures of ALL kinds at hacres.com with a 85% raw vegan diet that show us what diet can do.


    to the fascinating Pottenger cat study (I can send you the attachment pages from a book I have on it or see book conscious eating by Gabriel Cousens) on the fascinating effects of raw vs cooked foods

    Source(s): Every great healer I know that cured others, used food as a major part of his healing program and most often this was vegan, plant based, real whole foods as they come from nature, and all or mainly raw. Lots of produce is key to health, preferable organic. _____________________________ 30 years study of alternate health, herbs and nutrition
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    Source(s): Preventing Diabetes http://reversediabetestoday.enle.info/?uju6
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