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Is it just a coincidence (or something more) that after the Astros traded Oswalt and Berkman the Astros...?

pitching staff went on a 31 inning scoreless streak, (Starters and relievers combined) and only gave up 2 runs in todays victory over the brewers. After todays sweep of the Brewers the Astros are on a 5 game winning streak.


By something more that we instantly seemed to have gotten better after dealing away the franchise players of Oswalt and Berkman who both of them are having bad years.

Update 2:

And Owner Drayton Mclane said that this offseason he will "write the checks", and he expects next years payroll to near $93 million. or something lIke that.

Update 3:

that was said in the paper. I dont know if its true or not.

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    Not only that, but they totally ripped the Blue Jays off and got Brett Wallace for a 19 year old prospect. Wallace was the 16th ranked prospect before the season by Baseball America and was absolutely killing the ball all year in AAA, batting .301 with 18 HR and 65 RBIs. The Astros did a great job before the deadline. It won't show right away, but within a few years the astros could really be good. Not only that, but they just signed brett meyers to a contract extension. Very very smart. The Astros are heading in the right direction.

    EDIT: And J.A. Happ is going to be awesome. The Phillies really messed up (IMO) trading him away. I know he's 27, but there is something about him as a pitcher that i really like.

  • The only reason that Roy Oswalt was having a bad year was because he got little run support in the games he pitched. And the reason why Berkman is having a bad year is because he rushed back from Knee Surgery to soon, and did not Rehab enough.

    Not alot of people remember that this team won the National League Championship back in 2005, but lost to the Whitesox in the World Series.

    The Astros like many teams now, are trading their veteran players for prospects that they can use in the future.

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