I'm an exchange student. I have my first crush? This is hard.?

So, the problem is. Im an exchange student from Australia. In Sweden.

Like this boy. Hes really cute and swedish :D

Weve known eachother for 6 months or so... friends but not big ones.


so I told him i liked him. He told me he kinda liked me.

This was in march. the end of march.

We talked a little more... and a couple of times between then and now when he was drunk, he wanted to meet me. i told him i couldnt...except a time in the beginning of june. he stalked my house and rang on my mobile until i came out...complained that he wanted to see me and it was freezing... we went for a walk to the park at 1AM and i foolishly made out with him. We still talk a LITTLE but not really. we still hang out a little, but only with friends around.

What now? D: I want something to happen but im not sure what to do.

He's not in a relationship.

he knows im gay. i know he's bi.

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  • 10 years ago
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    You should make a move yourself if you want him. Try to talk to him more and hang out with him more.

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  • Well are you still in Sweden? And if he's in a relationship your just gonna have to wait this one out. In the meantime you can always tell him how much you like him and really want you guys to work out. Well hope everything works out for the best..Best of luck :)

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  • J P
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    10 years ago

    That all sounds pretty innocent to me. Just ask him to hang out more. I'm not sure how comfortable the both of you are to being out, but you can at least date and hang out together. Enjoy each other.

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  • 10 years ago

    he wants you, you want him, just walk up to him and make out with him or ask him out

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