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How many Native Americans in all were killed by the U.S. government?

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    No way to know for sure. They poisoned us, they gave us disease laden trade goods, using biological war against us. They offered money for our scalps in order to have citizens engage in killing us. They offered money for our children to be sold into servitude if they survived the attacks on the parents. The governor of Calif ordered our extermination in 1853. Across the country millions of us died in our dealings with America. 90-95% of our population perished by 1900. It was not all cavalry charges and bugles, like on tv, but it was all fatal.

    Source(s): Native Calif NDN, descended from survivors
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    Two studies have been made regarding this number:

    1 - US government studies put the number at 1 to 4 million

    2 - A study by independent researchers has put the number at 10 to 114 million.

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    Most of the deaths occured not through the act of the US government, as most of these occured through disease (killed 80% of the native Americans), and much through warfare between the colonies prior to US independence. A large portion also died through destruction of their habitat, as hunters and settlers killed the buffalo that many of the Plains Indians lived on. Therefore the only ones you could count as killed by the US government were about 1 million, in the US/Indian wars of the 19th century.


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    Reckon their were about 8 million NA`s before Spanish arrived. To above - not many? John Wayne and his cronies killed a fair few on the silver screen, are you also forgetting various US attrocities against them and their eventual rounding up and displacement to the swamps and marshes of Florida.

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    Very few. Most of them were killed off by pirates and colonialists from Spain and other parts long before the U.S. even formed a government.

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