What do the University of Idaho Concept rooms look like?

On the University of Idaho website, there isn't a layout plan or good, detailed pictures and I'd really like to know what it looks like before I leave for school later this month so I can get all the things I need for my dorm. I know that they knocked down the wall between the normal wallace rooms and they still have 2 sinks (hopefully) and one bathroom, but are there still 2 doors, the built in desks and closets or anything? Thanks!

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  • louise
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    1 decade ago
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    ok, you are talking about wallace hall right? i visited there in november

    I don't know about the doors, or about knocking down the walls, but yes I believe they had built in dressers and desks (maybe closets)

    You could probably email someone (on their website?) and ask about what their rooms look like

    sorry if I wasn't much help, I don't know what the 'concept rooms' are actually, I am just talking about the wallace room I saw, but you really should email someone, I'm sure they'd be glad to help :)

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