HELP! African Dwarf Frogs with Claws- could they be African Clawed Frogs?

Thursday I brought a pair of African Dwarf Frogs (ADF), only to notice they both had Black Claws. I didn't think nothing of it.

Then I read that ADF are often sold as African Clawed Frogs (ACF)

I brought them from Hallmark, & the company is Wild Creations, a very reliable CO. I went to their Website & it said that all frogs from there were ADF.

The Setup is Like this-

Then I read that ADF don't have Claws, & that some ACF were sold as ADF.

Does this mean that care is any different? Should I get my money back?

To be frankly honest I'm attached to the frogs.. So I can't give them up..

~Thanks in Advance!~


The Setup is 10 inches tall & about 3-4 inches across each side.

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  • Cheryl
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    9 years ago
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    that is half a gallon of water you are keeping these frogs in and that is just plain cruel ... they are african dwarf frogs and the tank is completely inappropriate for keeping them in ... those things are sold to impulse shoppers who see something cute and buy it with no concept of what those animals need ... the amount of water is barely half a gallon ... dwarf frogs need a minimum of 1 gallon per frog with a filter ... they can not survive living on gravel because the food falls between the gravel and dwarf frogs have poor eyesight and basically have to come across their food to eat ... if you keep these frogs in this environment, you are slowly killing them which is not right ... they need a 2.5 gallon tank and filter, sand as the substrate, a hut to hide and sleep during the day and live plants ... also, with this small deathtraps for frogs, they tell you to feed 2 pellets twice a week ... the stronger frog will get the food and you will see one slowly whither and die from lack of food ... i feed my two frogs DAILY and they get 8 frog pellets once day and frozen thawed bloodworms (around 10) the next day ... my frogs are healthy, active and sing every night ... if you are attached to the frogs get them the right home instead of watching them die slowly ... they for sure are NOT clawed frogs ... you should not get your money back, you should spend more getting them set up right ... if you are attached, do what is right by these frogs ...

  • 9 years ago

    It's kind of hard to tell exactly how large that *container* is, but it doesn't look large enough to keep African Clawed Frogs in. They do get pretty good size, and if they happen to be Albino, for SURE they are NOT ADF's. African Clawed Frogs do and WILL eat fish. So if you keep them, and ever upgrade to putting them into a tank, do NOT add any fish.

    Add: That set up will not be suitable for them for very long. I have a male ADF (which is smaller than the female) and stays MUCH smaller than the African Clawed Frog, in a 5 gallon filtered tank with a Betta.

    Add: to Michelle......I PROMISE that the ACF grows. Mine was almost the size of a golf ball when I had to find it a new home. He/She was housed in a 55 gallon tank and DID eat my fish. In fact, the thing got OUT of the tank several times for a day at least before I found it, and STILL lived! ACF's are really pretty tough little creatures in comparison to the ADF.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Don't worry, those are dwarf frogs and they'll be fine. All African Clawed frogs have claws, hence the name. Dwarves also have webbing between their front toes. And they won't get any bigger than they already are. As far as your setup, my boyfriend and I got two sets of frogs from Brookstone in a similar setup over a year ago and they've been doing great. I upgraded mine to a 1 gallon Mini-Bow with a light and a filter because I got a bad algae problem in the original tank, but my boyfriend's frogs are still in their half gallon and they're happy and healthy. Don't worry about them not being able to find their food in the gravel... they find their food by smell and they dig until they get at it. And they're very good at that. I haven't had any issues with dry sinking pellets. I feed mine twice a week. They're very easy to overfeed. Enjoy your frogs, they live for up to 17 years!

    Source(s): Keeper of both African Dwarf frogs and African Clawed frogs. My African Clawed frog is 16 years old and going strong (:
  • Kitty
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    9 years ago

    I own both clawed and dwarf frogs and it is very easy to tell. Heres some ways of telling for you:

    Front limbs, a dwarf frogs is webbed between the fingers, a clawed frogs is just fingers/claws no webbing. This is the easiest and surest way of telling.

    If albino (white) definately clawed- dwarf cannot be albino.

    Eyes face forwards not upwards in a dwarf frog.

    Build is very skinny and slim in a dwarf and bulky and muscular in clawed.

    Remember, the two frogs you have will need atleast a 5 gallon tank. Any smaller than 5 gallon should not be used.

    The tank they are in is cruel. It should also be long rather than tall as they need to surface for air to breath. Get them a proper tank. In a 5 gallon you could it another but the only reason for needing bigger even though you can add more is space, they need space to swim and move. Also filters currents are stronger in smaller tanks and waste is not as dispersed.

    If you have two clawed they need 10 gallons each.

    Ps even dwarf frogs have the black claws. They are also known as african dwarf clawed frogs.

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  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    Yes, he's dead. He needed to be acclimated slowly to the other frogs water; scoop up the first frog w/ some of his own water and slowly thru the day take away his water and add the new water from frog #2's vase so frog #1 can get use to frog #2's water chemistry. Frog #2 is swimming around normal - because it's his water he's use to. This is why frog #1 died probably instantly - he was put in water he wasn't used to. It would be like us being used to our environment being suddenly, violently put in a place we couldn't immediately adapt to. We would die. African dwarf frogs need to be in a tank with at least 2 anyway, not alone in a vase. They need (at least if you want them to thrive and live a long, happy life of 5-8 years) to be in a heated, filtered/cycled tank. Thank you gandalf for addressing the 3 gal per frog. Most websites say 1 gal per adf which doesn't make any sense since a female adf is about 2 inches = 2 gal per frog. In YA Betta enthusiasts claim 5 gal per Betta when the adult Betta body (not including fins) is 1.5 iches. Huh? Anyway, if you really want to keep african dwarf frogs, and keep them healthy and happy keep at a minimum 2 together and 2 gal per frog means a min. of a 4 gal tank, cycled and heated.

  • 9 years ago

    well, i have two african dwarf frogs that i got in brookstone. they are pretty fine. it doesnt matter if they are ADF or ACF. im sure they have the same care. and the place i bought it at, said they dont grow, or mate. mine is doing fine. and they dont eat fish! they are really tiny. hallmark should have provided food for them. brookstone gave me a years supply of food for mine. so dont worry.

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