Christians: This is making me and my point of view.. "iffy"?

I'm a Christian, so is my family. Me and my Mother went to Church at least a month ago, when I was visiting her. She got saved when we went there. *Right* after we left Church, my mother got beat up by these two people. Put her in the hospital for a few days before they released her, she wasn't in work for 3wks. Now it's hard for her to keep her job, her apartment, and everything she has. About a couple weeks later- My brother, 16, got a DUI for stealing my moms car and he was drunk. He hit a cops car, and is now in jail. Now my mother has no car, barely a place to live, no one that she helped, is helping her. I am very upset that I can't do anything because we're a thousand miles away.

How would you explain this? I was expecting things to get better, the ironic thing is that it happened the day she got Saved.


I know, and the worse part is it was when he just got out of REHAB. *sigh*

Update 2:

He's always been the "trouble" kid. Who knows how long he's been doing drugs, etc. He promised he would stop, but he never did. I honestly think Jail may be good for him, so he can hopefully learn where the path he thinks is best, will take him.

Update 3:

She was baptised at age 12. Not fully understanding the meaning, now she takes a course in Church so she can get baptised again. Thanks everyone <3

Update 4:

I don't judge on religion, but I do know others who do. That is why I put "Christians" so I could be understood better.

Update 5:

@LakeView- As a child she did. She also was pressured in to a lot of stuff. She's not proud of it, and she hasn't done anything bad in a long time. She got Saved at Church so she could be completely forgiven, as she hasn't been Saved before.

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    All of us have things happen that cause us much pain, including myself and I have been a Christian all my life and born again about 30 years---last year, I had to walk away from my husband, he has many deep problems (staying faithful, lying) so this past year, it's been rough getting over a divorce and the house wont sell. And I still at times wonder why--but, you know, I have to accept responsibility for some choices I made...granted, I didnt know many of them until after we were married, but I was so head over heels in love...and love can be very, very blind. So now, I have to rely on God's strength...I have none of my own.

    The only thing I can say, God will lead you through too...let Him put you on a good path, a path that is within His will (live according to bible). It sounds like your family might be in a rut with your brother and all. What your brother is doing....there's consequences for stealing and drinking until a person is drunk.

    Maybe your Mom might have to dig herself out of this one..did she make bad choices? I' m not trying to be mean, but there are not magic wands.

    Ask your Mom to not give up on believing and seeking the Lord's ways... you are more likely to receive help from church friends than many other people. Tell her ...dont give up....Put God first and go from there.

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    I'm really sprry about your mum - that's really horrible what happened.

    I think the saddest thing about what you've said is that your mum could lose her apartment for this happening to her. A very callous employer and country - certainly one that (from the outside) seem very unchristian,

    That said, if there's one thingI've learned from life and that is ~ **** happens (usually bang bang bang - always together) whether you're a christian, atheist or whatever. Life is life, and crap things always happen. But remember (like your brother) we all fall down in life, that's almost to be expected.

    What matters is the getting back up. That bit's down to you, whether you turn to a god, or a sheer belief in yourself and the power of nature is upto you. But either way I wish your family really well and hope everything gets better soon,

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    Yes it is all true I saw this on Springer, Opra and Dr Phil all in the same week.

    You have enough hardship for about 3 country songs.

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    Your mother got saved. Salvation is for eternal life - not necessarily blessings and rewards in this world. She had some bad luck, that's all. We all do. Her faith should see her through.

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    It should make your PoV iffy. There's no such thing as "deserve" in the world. There's want. Make your life as best as you could with the little control you have over it.

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    I would think that is a clear sign there are evil beings. Angry at your mother for trying to do right!

  • 9 years ago

    I think this proves that church doesn't always help everyone. But don't worry, things always turn out in the end.

    And your brother is an inconsiderate a$$hole. Sorry, but that's just how I feel.

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    She didn't get saved. That is a false Protestant error. Our salvation comes from baptism. To enter eternal life we must be baptized with water. After that, we must work out our salvation by remaining holy, keeping faith and charity until our death. we know we are saved after our death in judgement.

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    Oh, but don't you see?

    It's all part of God's gloriously wonderful plan to enrich your lives...

  • 9 years ago

    Because god went "***** plz, dis ***** be so ugly. I can't help hur. Derp."

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