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What food will make my cats fur to stop shedding?!?


Right now she's eating Purina Kit Kaboodle and Whiskies,

(shes a 10 months old) and the wet food she eats sometimes is,

Purina Friskies, and Meow Mix.

and my dad the other day got her Every Day Salmon Cat Food, Its i guess a cheap brand,

I don't like buying her cheap food, I mean, she gets a shower every 2 weeks, and we brush her like every 2 days or so, I mean we could really see fur in the air lmfao, My mom considered if her fur doesn't stop falling that they'll give her away :( I LOVE LOVE her, the vet even said she has a unique color =) what do you feed your cat? any ideas, PLEASE!

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  • E-Fox
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    Alright, I know you're trying to be a good 'parent', but you don't need to shower the cat that much. Cats should only be washed when they get really dirty. Otherwise they take care of it themselves. If you really need to clean her, use dry shampoo occasionally, like once every couple of months. The cat has special protective oils in the fur and bathing it so much is not good for immunity.

    However the quality of fur has A LOT to do with the food. You say you hate buying cheap stuff, but what you describe is pretty much cheap stuff :-( At least by the ingredients.

    For your cat to be healthy, she first of all needs proper hydration. This needs to come from food, so dry food is not suitable for cats. They will simply not drink enough. This causes kidney disease, urinary tract infection, renal failure and more.

    Next point is, that the cat is an obligate carnivore. It needs to eat meat to be healthy. If she's lacking nutrients and not feeling good, of course she will start showing it. Fur shedding is just a minor symptom. It could be worse. The food that you're buying (and basically any commercial dry and wet) is made with cheap fillers such as corn, wheat, soy and rice. Those are not something a cat would eat in nature, and it's not equipped to process it. Grain has no nutritional value for cats, it goes straight through the, and the only thing it leaves behind is the large number of car bs, which turn into blood sugar and fat. This often leads to diabetes and obesity.

    So your cat is not getting enough nutrition from her food. It's like when you're sick. Your hair is not shiny, your nails break, your skin is grey... it's the same with cats.

    Get her some high quality canned food. Grain-free, ni by-product, muscle meat as first ingredient. Good brands include Wellness, EVO, MErrick, Nature's Variety, Blue Buffalo and more.

    THis will give your cat all the hydration and nutrition she needs. She will still shed, all cats do, but not nearly as much. She will also have much better chances of remaining healthy throughout her life.

    Good luck!

  • Jean
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    4 years ago

    Try to locate a breed called a Rex, any variety of Rex is fine. They aren't necessarily cheap, but they don't shed. They are kind of funny looking. They have curly hair like a poodle. I think they're cute. All other cats shed, it's just a fact of life. Getting a short-haired variety will make the shedding seem less than if you have a long-haired variety, but they all shed. What you can do requires diligence. You must thoroughly brush the cat daily. If you collect the loose hair with a brush, not as much will wind up on the couch. You have to keep up with this, it's an on-going process, and will be worse in the spring and fall. That's when cats shed their coats and grow new ones in preparation for summer or winter. Even indoor cats do it. You should assume fur clean-up duties, too. You will have to regularly clean the hair off the furniture. Use the vacuum, a lint brush, sticky roller, rubber gloves, or one of those new Pledge Pet Hair Removers. Experiment to see what works best on your furniture's fabric. Don't think you can train the cat to stay off the furniture. You'd have better luck trying to stop the Mississippi river from flowing! Cats get on furniture and lounge where they please, you just have to accept it. Bear in mind, these are things you have to do every single day, 365 days a year, in addition to feeding, changing the water, and cleaning the litter box. Your parents will have to assume the vet bills. Cats need regular check-ups, shots and spaying, if that hasn't already been done. It isn't fair to expect them to do any more than that for a cat that you want. If you feel like you can honestly keep up with it, then fine. Get a cat. If you don't really feel like you have the time or initiative to do it every single day, maybe you should wait a while. Good luck!

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    The reason her fur is shedding so much is due to the horrible quality of food you're feeding. Grocery store/WalMart dry foods are made mostly of corn and contain little to no real meat. Switch her to a better quality food with real meat as the main ingredient and little to no grain. And feed her canned food daily as well.

    Cats don't need "showers every 2 weeks". Stop excessively bathing her. And stop brushing her. You should be COMBING her coat and doing so at least every other day all year long.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    It's nothing to do with the food.

    It's you bathing and brushing her so much.

    Bathing too much strips natural oils and therefore can cause fur loss, dandraff, etc.


    She doesn't need them- that's why cats have unique tongues and an urge to groom.

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  • Summer
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    10 years ago

    High quality food. Orijen, wellness, chicken soup, taste of the wild, felidae. Any of these in either wet or dry will help.

  • 10 years ago

    I agree, stop bathing her, she has her own enzymes in her salive to clean herself, especially as a kitten. Now when they get old, that's another story.

    You can also give her omega 3 fish oils. This would help get her back to normal, plus they loooove fish oil!

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