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Houston to Philippines?

I want to fly from Houston to the Philippines and I've never traveled over seas.

I have traveled to Canada by plane and had to get a passport.

What information to I have to bring (I.D etc.) to get through all the customs, security for America and Philippines air ports? Is the passport that I got last year for trip to Canada all I need?

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    Wow- I have done this twice since 2008- Houston to Manila. OK- yes all you need is your passport. Going there is not a problem, but coming back is. Getting into the US is a nightmare- LOL. Make sure your connecting flights from Manila back to Houston gives you at least two hours at each stop. The last time I went (June 2010) I came back from Manila to Guam, Guam to Hawaii, Hawaii to Houston. At Guam and Hawaii we had to deplane, get luggage and go through customs checks each time- LOL. It's a nightmare. But there is a hidden blessing. When I went in 2008 I flew straight from Houston to Hong Kong, then to Manila. Coming back was one stop. The security was much easier, but my feet swelled up from sitting in that cramped seat for over 20 hours. When I had multiple stops, I actually enjoyed getting out and walking around a bit. I also got to mail post cards from Guam - everything was closed at the Hawaii stop. I am going to book the multiple stops when I go there in the future. It really is nice having the forced exercise. Your body also absorbs a lot of radiation when you fly, so multiple stops minimizes that a little- another plus. Enjoy. The service on China Air (and other asian countries) is much better than airlines from the US. Flight attendants in this country are just rude compared to their Asian counterparts. It may be worth paying a little extra for a pleasant trip- but not worth paying a LOT extra. Relax and enjoy. You will also have wifi in most airports, but not Guam. Be sure to pack your ATM card. You can get money from the ATMs in the Philippines- really handy. I do this a lot. You will have a great time. The Philippines is really beautiful. If you are in Metro Manila or Cebu City, you will be a lot safer than in most cities in the US. Good luck.

    I recommend booking your flight through Expedia. I did this both times. I booked several months in advance with my credit card and had the flight and hotel paid off before I even took off to go there. I stayed at the G Hotel in Malate when in Manila. It is really beautiful and relaxing. You can watch the sunsets over Manila bay from there and entertain your friends in their restaurant, just throw it on the room bill. They have great wifi there. Expedia has tons of recommended places to stay in the Philippines and you can read recent reviews from users that have stayed there. If you buy some "Office Barong" dress shirts from the mall when you arrive, the taxi drivers will think you work there and really treat you with respect. Memorize a few phrases and twenty words or so in Tagalog and you will go far in that country. You will really love it. Everything is so cheap. Great place. I hope you like warm weather- LOL. Bon Voyage!

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    You must have a passport, and return tickets.

    You need money, but I have never had anyone at customs or passport ask me about money.

    The passport you got last year is good to go.

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  • You need to make sure you have an ongoing ticket, or a return ticket so they can be sure you won't be stuck here.

    If you plan to marry, you also need your birth certificate and any proof of marriage dissolution if any, otherwise, you should be good to go with your passport and the requirement above.

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