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Does anyone else feel like me regarding these GHOST HUNTER type shows?

I've watched Ghost Hunters and other similar series that investigate paranormal phenomena.

Does anyone else find these shows disrespectful with their OOHS and AAAHS and personal reactions being more focused on than the actual possible sad spirits that remain here on Earth?

The show focuses (like a soap-opera) much too much on the cast (usually goofy young kids who use profanity with BLEEPS).

I have seen other shows that were serious and got great footage. The commentary was literate and even educational.

Why can't they just focus on whatever is going on there-I don't want to get to know these jerks.

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  • xD
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    1 decade ago
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    You should watch Most Haunted. It's just as bad.

    I do agree though. It's all focused on the cast and their reactions, rather than getting good footage. In Most Haunted, they only ever have the cameras pointing at each other or at themselves, so that's all you ever see. At the end of each showa sceptic comes on to try and find a non paranormal explanation, and he's never convinced the things that happened to the team are real, because they never have the right footage, ie, if something gets thrown at them as if from no where, he's never convinced as the team never have it on tape from where it comes from to where it lands to prove none of the cast threw it just to make something interesting happen.

  • ?
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    5 years ago

    Long time in the past, on our little planet there was once a exhibit approximately truly ghosts, but nobody recollects it at the present time, I do not even don't forget it. Then one-of-a-kind TV stations sensed massive moneys from this form of suggests, in order that they accumulated a staff, with a psychic of direction (umm, OK, a minimum of a few of these suggests have a psychic within the staff), discover a haunted apartment (so referred to as haunted, typically the discipline of an city legend), then cross there, shot a few snap shots, list a few sounds and air it while entire household is consuming dinner. I'm a SciFi suggests reviewer and I understand how TV stations paintings in case of sci-fi sequence, it is almost the identical in case of paranormal suggests. Real "ghost searching" or paranormal investigations don't seem to be that intriguing, you are sitting and ready, typically seeking to scan with Electronic Voice Phenomenon, typically simply staring at, customarily you are now not utilizing a digicam or camcoder - there is not any intent for that. Let's simply say this, if you are now not eager about parapsychology, such research might be simply dull. And TV do not like dull matters, in order that they can not exhibit truly research, they must exhibit you an pleasure, exhibit entertaiment, and a few "truly" ghosts. So no, those TV suggests don't seem to be displaying the truly stuff.

  • 1 decade ago
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