Sci fi/ dark fantasy book recommendations?

My husband loves The Dark Tower series by Stephen King but he is now done reading them and I am trying to find another book he will enjoy. Any recommendations are appreciated, thanks.

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    Try David Gemmell's Jerusalem Man series, it is a subset of the Stones of Power series and I thought that the 3 books featuring Jon Shannow had a strong similarity in theme to the Dark Tower books that I read (read only the first 4 so far).

    Wolf in Shadow (1987)

    The Last Guardian (1989)

    Bloodstone (1994)

    Gemmell is an awesome author in my opinion.

    Another dark fantasy series to read is Steven Erikson's Malazan Book of the Fallen

    Gardens of the Moon is the first one.

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    Mike Moscoe aka Mike Shepherd

    David Weber

    David Drake

    John Ringo

    Eric Flint

    Larry Niven

    Susan R. Matthews

    David Eddings

    L.E. Modesitte,jr.

    Julian May

    Robert Buettner

    S.L. Viehl

    Taylor Anderson

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    The Sword of Truth series! If he haven't read it yet, he will love it. You will find it under Fantasy/ Sci fi. The first book in the series is Wizard's first rule. They are about a dozen books in the series. It's the classic epic story of a young man who is a woods guide and eventually goes on to find his destiny. It's really good, i highly recommend it. It is also the basis for a popular T.V series called Legend of the Seeker. (Even though they have nothing much in common. Good luck on the book hunt.

    Source(s): Huge Sword of Truth fan.
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    Julian May, Saga of the exiles series

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