Yahoo messenger is unable to download fliles needed for installation. Please check firewall settings and retr?

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    1 decade ago
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    Some firewalls have issues with installing Messenger, but disabling your firewall while online is VERY dangerous! Usually, by installing after downloading, the firewall will ask for permission to run the program.

    Download and SAVE the program directly from the File Hippo web site - it seems more successful than an update or install from Yahoo's site, or even choosing to install by Run. I suggest saving it to your Desktop so it doesn't get 'lost'. Install it only AFTER completely cleaning the registry of remnants. Download the most recent version of any Yahoo Instant Messenger (highest number, top of its list)

    If you use Internet Explorer 8 as your browser, Yahoo Messenger 10 will not work properly without Flash and Java programs also installed.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Your windows firewall is obviously the problem for the proper download.

    Click Start

    Click Control Panel

    Click - Windows Firewall

    now --click the General Tab

    CHeck OFF (not recommended)....for the time being

    Click OK

    Download Yahoo! Messenger 10,

    Now---- turn your Windows Firewall Back ON (recommended)

    (same way as you turned it OFF).

    Click OK.

    REboot your system for changes to properly occur.

    Best of Luck to You.

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  • 4 years ago

    Messenger in Yahoo Mail isn't loading good. I attempt signing in whether it does not do it the 1st time or 2d or third. whilst it finally exhibits me on line it says I have not have been given any contacts on line whilst i understand that there are human beings on line. I attempt sending messages and the guy by no skill gets it. they attempt sending me and that i by no skill receive. that's whilst it retains me signed in long adequate to aim sending messages. usually indicators me out interior a jiffy, nonetheless human beings say I look on line on their touch lists. I easily have 2 yahoo bills and am having this difficulty on the two bills on my laptop (works ok at paintings). i attempted all the stairs suggested above on the two browsers. i began out having this difficulty 4 days in the past. i'm utilising a Mac OS X 10.6.8 on the two Safari 5.a million.9 and present day version of Chrome.

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