I have an inoperatable AVM and having the gamma knife procedure......help!?

I have an inoperatable AVM(arterial ventrical malformation), and my specialist has suggested get the gamaknife. I am scheduled for this for the 4th of August at Toronto Western. I am 32 have never had a bleed have 3 children 12 and under and am very concerned. Has anyone gone through this through experience with themselves or a loved one? Or is there any nurses or doctors out there to help me with my decision and to give me there experiences good and bad! I really appreciate any input on this matter as I am still unsure as I am both scared to have it done and to not have it done! Would you if you were in my position have it done as well? Thank you in advance!

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    Dear Mr Sharma,

    Arteriovenous malformations are best treated by gamma knife radiosurgery. I am sure you are taking right decision. We have treated many AVM in brain and in last 15 years I have not seen any patient in our hospital needing open surgery. so please be rest-assured that you have good chance of cure. the team at Toronto is quite experienced and will do best for you. You can ask me any further question

    Dr. Maheep Singh Gaur


    Kumud Chawla Gamma Knife Centre, Delhi NCR

    Source(s): I am gamma Knife surgeon over 15 years treating such patient in India.
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    It is arterio-venous-malformation. You have not mentioned but I think it would be intracranial.

    I think it is a serious condition and it should not be left untreated. It's probably a minimum invasive surgery you have been advised. I would take it.



    All the best!

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