Dubbed vs Subbed in anime?

In anime, do you prefer Dubbed or Subbed videos? I never realized how it can be so different between Dubbed and Subbed till i was watching Murder Princess and i saw one part dubbed then subbed, and i must say it was really different. Im not a major anime person yet, so im kinda leaning towards dubbed, but im watching a subbed episode now, and its just as good. So what is your preference?


Ok, i just finished the 2nd episode of Murder Princess, and i must say i like subbed better, after seeing some flash backs to the dubbed episode i saw that the words are really changed. And on some characters the subbed voice acting is MUCH better.

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  • 9 years ago
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    I prefer subbed. When I was a child I would naturally watch the dubs but after comparing the two I think that subs are much better. The worst dubbing company for anime is 4kids, they've destroyed so many good animes. Take Yu-Gi-Oh for example, in the original Japanese version there is violence, blood, swearing, religious references etc but they took all that out in the dub & made it corny & childish. Another example is with the company DIC with Sailor Moon, they took out the sexual relations between Sailor Neptune & Sailor Uranus(they were supposed to be lesbians but they made them cousins instead) & took out the episode where Usagi(Serena) goes to nightclub while she is underage. The only dubbed animes that I like is Full Metal Alchemist, Dragonball/DBZ/Dragonball GT. Most voice actors are horrible in dubs imo but there are exceptions like in those dubs I stated I liked.

  • Megan
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    4 years ago

    1. Which is better: b. subbed 2. When watching the series, does it depend on: c. the original Japanese language is better!!! d. except for Fruits Basket - it had a good dub and sub! 3. Why do you think dubbed is great/sucked? because the voices are normally screwed up when the dub it. 4. Why do think subbed is great/sucked? when you hear the japanese you get to hear how the director really wanted it to be like 5. What's the difference other than the obvious languages when you hear the series in both? normally the english version is different in the sense a) the voices are different than they should be b) usually in dubs they change a part of the series (such as in Captor Card Sakura they changed a few scenes) 6. Which did you hear first? a. dubbed - if pokemon/digemon/yu-gi-oh!/captor card sakura count 7. If you moved from dubbed to subbed, why? I didn't and never will - when I started watching anime (when i became an anime finatic) I started subbed, but when i was like 5 i watched what i listed about in english cause that's all they had on TV and because i couldn't read the subtitles fast enought :) 8. Do you see a war between the two? nope - not at all! 9. If you were in a war, which side would you pick? b. subbed - by far 10. Why are there major disputes between the two sides when it is so pointless? okay this war thing is kinda weird... Star if you watch any of the mainstream anime - what does this mean? what's mainstream anime?

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    In reference to another reviewer - Death note dub better? Oh please, I'll take this potato chip... And EAT it! There are a few that are good, but as far as I've seen DN dub was mediocre.

    To answer the original question - I now watch only subbed anime, though I did begin with dubbed. I guess the only people to whom I'd recommend watching anime dubbed are people who are extremely slow readers (as sometimes the dialogues can go past quite fast) or who are dyslectic (it might be too much of a strain to read and follow the animation). Otherwise - watch it subbed. After first few episodes reading subtitles will be the second nature and will cause little to no problems with the added effect of hearing the intonations and not laughing very hard at adjustments made to make the dubbing more dramatic/adhering to the time limit or lip movement. Subtitles more often than not offer a more direct and close-to-the-original translation, which, for me at least, is a great plus.

  • djsjr
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    I find myself leaning towards the subs more, because it seems that sometimes (not always) there is more emotion in the voice acting. Maybe it's just me, but who knows.

    I do have respect for dubs, but some are really a disgrace.

    But there are some bad things about subs also. Sometimes you get a really bad fansub group and you can hardly understand whats going on, or you get one that has a bunch of typos that are really annoying, or you find an official subbed anime, & watch it all the way through, just to figure out that the subs were "watered down" to not have a lot of cuss words (Same goes for some dubs also)

    There are both dubs groups and sub groups that are fantastic though.

    This is only my opinion, and I respect anyone who watches anime, whether it be in dubs or subs.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    I tend to prefer subbed. However, I do not hate or disown dubbed versions. The only problem that I have with dubbed is that the companies that do the dubbing have a tendency to treat the anime like an American cartoon. So instead of giving the characters cool realistic voices, they give them children's cartoon voices instead ( 4kids One Piece). One Piece is the biggest example of dubbing gone wrong. If 4kids had never dubbed, censored, and mutilated it, then One Piece could have a following as large as the Bleach or Naruto fan communities. Dubbed has to be done the right way, like Fullmetal Alchemist or Cowboy Bebop, both had a very talented cast that didn't just speak english lines but added depth to the story with their talent. Plus subbed, especially fan subs, are fun because they use potty words. Like Sanji, from One Piece, calling everyone shitty all of the time. And Subs are faster, get released sooner than the dubs, and its nice to know that some huge evil American corporation is not deciding what we want or like or can handle viewing.

    Source(s): I'm a mugiwara Otaku!! Yatta!! ... you can learn another language with subs. Above translated: I'm a straw hat (refering to One Piece) anime geek!! Yay!
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    I prefer subbed personally. But it depends on the user. Usually in dubbed the characters voices are really english. If you watch subbed it usually more into the anime character because anime did come from japan. So i think if you want it to be all-anime then subbed is better. Dubbed it more american :3.. i know its confusing.. Lets just say you chose between Asian or American >D? Subbed is Asian and Dubbed is American.

  • 9 years ago

    It really depends on who's the voice actors for each. If I like the plot and everything, I'll usually watch it in dub first and then in sub. For example, I found Vampire Knight's dub God awful, but I liked the sub. But on Ouran, I loved both sub and dub. The only reason is because sometimes the voices don't match in the dub, such as Vic Mignogna as Zero Kiryuu.

    And at other times, you learn to like the voice when you hate it to pieces, such as Hitsugaya's dub. Is either better? Well I think they are and they should be treated as such and not compared to each other as much as they are these days. They're two different entities, different VA's and everything. The Bleach dub sounded like the original and the Soul Eater dub in my opinion sounded better than the original!

    I couldn't possibly take a side since I've seen so much of both. But, the voices are usually better in Japanese, but I find it easier to pay attention to what's going on in dub, which is why I watch that first

  • 9 years ago

    A lot of people get attached to the voice of the dubbed/subbed version and like that one better

    If you don't like to read dubbed is usually the clear choice.

    Some dubbed animes sound pretty bad compared to the subbed but if you're not a stickler for voices doesn't really matter

    I like subbed because Japanese sounds cool (ex: shouting "iko! iko!" vs "let's go! let's go!") and you have to read the subs so i feel like I'm "reading" instead of just sitting on my butt. Also I can't stand some of the worse dubs

    However I will only watch certain shows in Dub

    You don't need to pick a side just find what feels right for you.

  • 9 years ago

    I use to prefer dubs, but now I prefer subs.

    I love dubbed anime to death, because I don't have to focus as much as I do with subtitles. Voices of dubbed anime use to not bother me either, but that changed. I was watching NANA when it was only half way dubbed & I had to switch to subs to finish the series. Now, dubbed voices drive me up the wall on most series.

  • Depends on the voice acting and nature of the show.

    Death Note dubs were pretty good. Bokurano only came subbed anyway, and it was still pretty good.

    I go for dubbing if I find the quality sufficiently high.

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