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My son wants to be a Nazi and is obsessed with Hitler/Nazism, What should I do?

My son is 17 and has a huge obsession with Nazism and Hitler. When he was a little kid he just wanted to know everything possible about Hitler and WWII because we're German descent, and so he was always glued to the TV whenever any program about it was on. He learned about everything that happened and I didn't see anything wrong with it then. His mother and I never taught him to be racist, but now its getting out of control, because he's come to believe that what Hitler believed is right and justified. He hates Jews and Blacks and Mexicans and says they're corrupting and polluting this country and trying to make it a big mongrel mud pot (as he puts it). He got involved with this group of Neo-Nazi punks and has been sneaking out and getting into trouble with them. And before school ended for the summer this year he got into trouble for harassing this black boy. I really don't know what to do, I don't want to see my son get into big trouble somewhere down the line. What can I possibly do to help him? I need serious advice.


He also even said he wishes he was alive during WWII so he could be in the SS.

Update 2:

Cynthia: I'm not joking

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    Get him professional help. Talk with the the therapist before your son visits him or her and explain your concerns.

    I know you said he's researched WWII and watched a lot of documentaries on the holocaust, but have you ever taken him to the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC? There is something about seeing all those shoes that really seems to disturb even the most apathetic of people. I wouldn't recommend actually taking him to any of the European internment camps because being at those camps and actually seeing the atrocities that the Nazis were capable of could have an adverse effect and make your son more enthralled with them somehow. He might become more obsessed with the power and influence that the Nazis had. But the holocaust museum is chilling enough that it might help him see how horrifying the holocaust was.

    But therapy is definitely a good idea.

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    From experience, my brother being involved in this sort of thing, I would advise to get him into see a counselor. The sooner the better. That sort of behavior needs to be evaluated before it turns into anything more. My brother ended up learning when he spent 4 years in prison, with the races that he was going against, and not many other Neo-nazis. So he was put inline. If you take him to to a counselor and it fails, a boot camp, or some time in a Juvenile detention center might be beneficial.

    I am sorry you have to go through this. I remember when my brother went through this it was really hard. So I wish you luck.

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    I'm so sorry you are going through this. I can't imagine what you and your wife are feeling. This is very hard for me to answer because I don't have an answer right off hand to give you. The only thing I can say is that as soon as I read this I began to pray for your son and for you and your wife. This is a very strong and powerful stronghold that the enemy has on your son. If you believe then begin to pray and ask others to pray as well. There is power in prayer despite all the ones on here that would try to tell you otherwise. Your son is 17 and most probably very impressionable and wanting attention and finding that this way of thinking is exhilarating and exciting. Can you seek counseling for him? Would he resist? Can you speak to him? The only other thing I can tell you is to keep him away from his friends. Ground him until he's 18 if you have to and let him know that you truly do love him and that you are very worried that he would destroy his life he if continues in this rage of hate. Know too that the Lord loves you and if you would commit your ways to Him then He will guide your steps. God Bless.

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    he needs 2 c a counseller/psychiatrist/psychologist so they can find the underlying reason as 2 y he is behaving this way

    also block and dont allow him 2 view sites or t.v shows on the matter

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    Gain control of your Son before he becomes of legal age. Get him professional help.

    Does your Son realize that even Germans were killed by the Nazi's?

    He needs help NOW, or he will get himself into very serious trouble hanging out with Neo-Nazi punk gangs.

    Get between him and them while you still can.

    Use your Parental rights before someone gets hurt.

    Good Luck!


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    Lock him in a room with a sheet of ply-wood for a bed and feed him watered down soup and a hunk of bread a day and clothe him in dirty striped bed clothes, shave a stripe down the middle of his head and don't allow him to shower and see how he thinks about Hitler then.

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    Your son is either a sociopath or psychopath - take him to a psychiatrist and have him evaluated for treatment. I'm not joking either.

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    Calmly point out all the errors in their "logic" but don't go all SUPER ANTI NAZI! because then he'll think you're just a disapproving parent and that will encourage his need to rebel.

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    Try to get him some counseling. He could have many different motives for doing what he does, and getting a counselor might help to show what's really going on inside his head.

    I don't see why everyone assumes this guy is trolling. There were many wannabe Nazis at my old high school.

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    Better than believing in Santa or some fake god he was lied to about.

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