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Whatever happened to Jerry Mathers of the Leave It To Beaver show?

Old television shows we all watched after school.

I also wonder what happened to the old show Bachelor Father with John Forsythe and Noreen Corcorran. Would be a nice alternative to some of the other sappy shows they show.

Or Loretta Young Theater. She always had some great shows on.

Miss the olden days in television for sure.

How about you?

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    Jerry Mathers is a stage actor and speaker for conferences on the state of the American family.

    John Foresythe, best known for the T.V. soap "Dynasty, died this April 1st, 2010

    Noreen Corcoran left for theatre company and the Lewinsky ballet company as a career behind the bright lights and has been retired since the early 2000's.

    Loretta Young died in 2000 from Ovarian cancer.

    I do miss the Golden age of television as today's smut is less then viewable my friend.

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