mercury signs and intelligence?

which mercury signs are the most intelligent?

and if you can't rate them that way, which are more math /science type and which are more language/social studies type?

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    I'm going to be honest with you, I don't think any Mercury sign is smarter than the other. As a matter of fact, the smartest person I know, my father, has Mercury in Libra, and Libra has nothing to do with Mercury.

    Each Mercury sign gives you a certain intelligence or ability, in my experience, (And a few astrology books and articles I read) here is how it goes:

    Aries Mercury: A quick mind, a bit impulsive, very visionary, they need help in concentration sometimes. I think it inclines more towards Physical intelligence (such as coordination, etc, and no, physical intelligence has nothing to do with the Mars sign).

    Taurus Mercury: Gives a Logical, mathematical, and practical intelligence. The Taurus Mercury people I know are very practical and Logical. They might come across as slow when learning things.

    Gemini Mercury: Gives a creative (spacial intelligence) yet Logical mind. I don't know how people manage to find a balance between these two intelligences, but somehow they do. They are usually very witty. The ones I know with this placement have an amazing way with words.

    Cancer Mercury: HUGE Emotional intelligence, they also have a lot of interpersonal intelligence. They know themselves very well, and know how to read people very quickly, the ones I know with this placement can detect lies like radars.

    Leo Mercury: Gives a creative, quick, imaginative mind, I only know one person with this placement, though I read a lot about it... I still don't know enough to truly judge it.

    Virgo Mercury: The ones I know with this placement are amazingly intelligent (There is this Leo guy who is younger than me with this placement, and he is fascinated by PHYSICS...) And you know what? He's good at them. They usually have a quick, scientific mind.

    Libra Mercury: All Air sign Mercury placements give an ability to see "outside the box", to be creative. My father has this placement, and knows a little about everything. Usually good for book smarts. Libra Mercury is not the best for Mathematical/Logical minds.

    Scorpio Mercury: My brother has this placement, and he is also someone whose intelligence I admire. They learn quickly, and usually have a good logical mind. Excellent writers too. They are very deep thinkers, Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, maybe this explains why people with this placement are like this.

    Sagittarius Mercury: This aspect also gives a great physical intelligence, along with social intelligence. Usually very creative... People with this aspect usually have a huge spacial intelligence.

    Capricorn Mercury:

    This one in my opinion has the most practical mind overall. Very Quick thinkers and with a talent for maths, I'm jealous of this placement, people I know with this placement usually have great grades in classes such as maths, social studies, and history. -.-

    Aquarius Mercury:

    More creativity! BUT they might lack Practical or Logical intelligence. They know a lot about few subjects, very intelligent beings, however, the subject has to interest them. If not, they are TERRIBLE at it, and they will not try to be any better sometimes.

    Pisces Mercury:

    Mercury in Pisces is another sign I haven't seen or read a lot about. I'll give it a try. Mercury in Pisces gives a HUGE imagination, no matter what your sun sign is, this will give you a huge creativity. Very good interpersonal skills and Musical intelligence. Mercury in Pisces can make someone rather poetic, and give them a knack for words.

    The maximum number of poeple I know who share the same mercury sign is 5!!! So as a maximum I'm basing this off 60 people (as a MAXIMUM, It's probably less..)! So don't think this goes for everyone, ok?

    Source(s): -Virgo with Libra Mercury.
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    Mercury Sign

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    I'm not sure quite what you are trying to say but

    Mercury is exalted in Gemini and Virgo.

    Intelligence wise, I think you can't base it merely on the Mercury sign. Mercury in and of itself is more about communication/what is your presentation style than what kind of intelligence level you have.

    But people who have a lot of good Mercury placements will probably be good at language and communication.

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    gemini, aquarius, virgo, and libra venus are definitely the smartest (in a mercury way) since that's their own element/planet. Next would be the fire signs, aries, leo, and saggy. I think next are scorpio, capricorn, cancer, taurus, and pisces. The water mercuries are a bit psychic. All the signs are just as smart as the others but in different ways. The air and virgo mercuries pick up on mercury themes the easiest so astrologers say they are the most intelligent but that's an opinion. The fire Mercuries supposedly think FASTER and are more likely to do something with their thoughts than just think haha. The earth mercuries (except virgo) think in a more reserved, matter of fact, literal way. Its hard for me to talk to my taurus mercury friend,to me her conversation is stale and its difficult because we're never on the same page. Its always an uphill battle because we Communicate and think SO differently. We don't understand each other.

    That's what happens when your mercuries are in incompatible elements or especially when they're square.

    anyway, math and science types are the gemini, scorpio, and aquarius. All the other signs would probably prefer language or social studies.

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    Yeah, I'm not going to rate them on intelligence, because there are more than one type of intelligence. I would not look at SIGNS for this type of thing. And this type of thing is based off of many:

    But generally Mercury in the 1st and 3rd are good placements for math/science. Mercury in the 1st can make someone come off as analytical and logical, while in the 3rd house the person may be interested in math/science. Mercury in the 9th is a good placement for math/science as well, but it's also a good placement for language, social studies, and philosophy. Mercury in the 9th --> Jack of All Trades. In my opinion, it's a great place for Mercury, and it's not because I have that placement. Mercury in the 10th is also a good placement for math, science, and also probably communications and language as well as writing. Mercury in the 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th and 8th house I'd imagine are good for arts and creativity.

    Look to the 3rd and 9th houses in general too for types of intelligence. Venus in the 3rd or 9th house, I believe, is a good placement for a person to be intelligent in right brained activities such as creative writing or drawing, arts, music, etc. Jupiter in the 3rd or 9th houses, I'd imagine, is more right brained, but probably balanced. A good place for creativity, but also social sciences and philosophy. Mercury in the 3rd or 9th -- highly analytical, good for philosophy, math, and science. Uranus in the 3rd or 9th -- creativity, math and science. Saturn in the 3rd or 9th -- math, science, business, and accounting. Pluto in the 3rd or 9th -- science and psychology. Biology. Sun in the 3rd or 9th-- good at anything? Moon in the 3rd or 9th -- artsy, emotional intelligence, creative, poetry, etc.

  • Mercury doesn't affect Virgo's mind. It affect their analasys and finding details because Mercury's the smallest and fastest.

    Fast goes to the Gemini (they're just fast talking but they never get into the core of something, only read a bit and that's all).

    Tiny goes to the Virgo (They're into details and perfection, they search for the hair in the egg and will always make vulgar comments about how does one looks like or what they do in life)

    To answer your question :

    Each mercury position brings fourth one side of intelligence because there're Emotional intelligence, Social Intelligence, Logical intelligence et cetera. It's just the way that one person uses to get to the goal, like methods.

    Math is Gemini mercury

    Science is Capricorn / Aquarius Mercury (Also in dire need for Neptune here)

    Language is Sagittarius Mercury (Learning foreign languages)

    Social would be Aries Mercury

    Source(s): Sun in Sag
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    mercury = communication is not synonymous with IQ yes? i think it only affects the manner in which you put your intelligence across

    Source(s): Aqua mercury, sun
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    i was told for "general Intelligence" it was best to have an Air sign.

    social intelligence- fire signs

    logic based intelligence- Earth signs

    intuition/emotional intelligence- Water signs

    but i'm no expert and i dont' think the person who was discussing this was either :/

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    Gemini, Virgo and Pisces

    Source(s): Leo
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    Gemini's & Virgo's =p, they say that this is where the Mercury placements feels at home or w/e

    & communication plays a big part into the word

    they hardly get lost in what to say but sometimes most people hide things from the heart so

    Sometimes I think we waste our words and we waste our moments, and we don’t take the time to say the things that are in our hearts when we have the chance.

    One Tree Hill

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