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Crucible Questions! HELP! please!?

22. How does Rebecca react to Ruth

23. Why does Rebecca say to wait to call in Rev. Hale

24. Why does Proctor refuse to go to church

25. According to Rebecca Nurse, why are families staying away from the church

26. How educated is Parris

27. What complaint doe Parris have concerning his salary. What suggests that he values money over god

28. Who has a habit of suing people in the village

29. Why does Putnam get angry when Proctor asks Giles for help in dragging lumber

30. Describe Revered hale—to what profession is he compared

31. What happened the last time Hale thought he had found a witch

32. Does Arthur Miller believe that witchcraft was being practiced in Salem Village

33. Giles questions what behavior of his wife’s

34. What happened in the forest with Tituba and the girls

35. What names did the girls give at the end of the act, and why those names

36. Who discovered the girls dancing in the forest

Act II

1. How would you describe the relationship between Proctor and his wife

2. What reason did Mary Warren give Elizabeth Proctor for going to town

3. How many people have been jailed. What power does the court have over these people

4. What does Elizabeth want her husband to do

5. Why does Proctor hesitate in proclaiming Abigail a fraud

6. Does Elizabeth know of the affair. How is this shown

7. What gift does Mary Warren give Elizabeth

8. To what did Sarah Good confess

9. How does Elizabeth rationalize Sarah Good’s mumbling

10. According to Mary Warren, the women will nothing if they . . .

11. Whose life does Mary claim to have saved

12. Why does Elizabeth think she was named

13. What does Elizabeth want John to do

14. Why does Hale visit the Proctors

15. What questions does he ask

16. Why does the issue of the candlesticks bother Proctor

17. Why did the Proctors only have two of their children baptized

18. Which commandment could Proctor not remember

19. When Proctor tells Hale that Abigail made up the witchcraft story, what is Hale’s response

20. According to Proctor, why have the people confessed

21. Hale tells the Proctors, “God keep you both, let . . .”—what does he tell them to do

22. Why has Giles come to the Proctors’ house

23. With what has Rebecca Nurse been charged

24. What is the charge against Martha Corey

25. What incriminating evidence is found against Elizabeth

26. What does Proctor want Mary Warren to tell the court

27. For what reason has Cheever come to the Proctor house

28. Why does Mary Warren tell Proctor, “I cannot, I cannot”


1. Describe Judge Hathorne

2. Describe Deputy Governor Danforth

3. How does Giles Corey feel about telling people about his wife’s reading

4. Why did Mary Warren appear before Danforth

5. What proof does Proctor have that states that Mary Warren lied

6. How does Proctor react to Mary Warren’s testimony

7. What do we learn about Elizabeth Proctor

8. What does Parris keep insisting that Proctor has come to do

9. Ninety-one members of the church have signed a letter attesting to . . .

10. Why do Proctor and Francis Nurse fear for the safety of the people who signed the letter

11. What accusations does Giles make against Putnam

12. What does Putnam stand to gain by charging people with witchcraft

13. Why was Giles charged with contempt of court

14. Hale tells Proctor that he should return with a . . .

15. According to Danforth, why is witchcraft a difficult crime to prove

16. Danforth states that if Mary Warren is lying in her deposition, her punishment will be . . .

17. Does Parris admit to seeing the girls dancing in the forest

18. How does Mary Warren explain her fainting during the trials

19. How does Abigail distract Danforth

20. what does Proctor do to Abigail. What does he tell the court

21. When questioned about her husband’s affair, what does Elizabeth tell them

22. How does Abigail cause Mary Warren to reverse her testimony

Act IV

1. What is the antecedent action that precedes this act

2. How has Herrick changed from the previous act

3. Why has Hale returned to the jail

4. How does Hathorne describe Parris

5. To what does Cheever attribute Parris’ madness

6. Parris is deeply troubled by Abigail’s actions—what did she do

7. What has happened in Andover

8. What does Parris propose to Danforth and why

9. What is the incident with dagger

10. Why won’t Danforth discuss a pardon or postponement

11. What details do we learn about Proctor’s imprisonment

12. How does Hale now view his position as a minister

13. What does Hale want Elizabeth to do

14. What was Giles Corey’s fate. Why did he do it

15. How does Elizabeth respond when John asks for her forgiveness. What does she mean

16. How has Elizabeth come to view John’s adultery. How did she view herself as a wife

17. What does Proctor do to this confession and why

18. What is the final scene of the play

19. What do Elizabeth’s final words suggest

20. According to Miller, how does the witch trial hysteria come to an en


Its for the Crucible by Arthur Miller

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    It sounds as though you are struggling with the whole play. This should help you from Shmoop.

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    The crucible is an exercise that lasts for 56 hours. During the crucible you only get 8 hours of sleep total. You also only get 3 MRE meals. You will have to perform many exercises and at the end make a long hike up the Grim Reaper. After the crucible you get a warriors breakfast. It's the best meal you will get at boot camp. My son just finished Boot camp. The crucible is no joke. It's hell, he said

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    FreddyM has given you a great study guide, the best around by far.

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    What play is the questions for?

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