How to make my room peaceful and relaxing?

So, this is probably the third question I've asked about painting my room. No answers are really good enough, though. I'm really picky about it because I want it perfect haha.

At first I wanted teal walls. I never really liked the idea of an accent wall but that's growing on me. So I changed my mind to teal with one wall lime green. I have a lot of pictures/posters to go on my wall so I wanted the lime green wall to be covered in pictures so you could see a bright color behind them and they would pop out. Then I realized that's too bright and I want it to be relaxing so I can just be peaceful in there because my house is very stressful. I then changed my mind to a grey. I know it can be boring but I think I would like it. The problem is, my furniture's dark brown and I'm just so picky I don't think dark brown furniture would go good with grey walls. I liked the idea of a peaceful green but almost every room in my house is painted some shade of green. So are there any other peaceful colors you can suggest? I won't do tan, I really don't like tan and I'm a 16 year old girl it would be too beach-house-y for me. I also don't like light blue/baby blue because that's a boring color. Anything close to white like a light pink or blue wouldn't be too good. I'm sorry I'm so picky. If you can help thank you!


HAHA. I can ask what I want to ask, okay? I just am looking for tips. It's a question webiste and I asked if anyone had ideas or tips. And you don't. So you can just skip over the question. Thank you.

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    what abouut a light orange, somewhere along the lines of peach! Its not an agressive color and could look nice with dark furniture!

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    Look *****, first, tl;dr, next, you have to take what you get and be grateful, no need to spam Y!A until you get an answer that you agree with, furthermore, none of our opinions will matter because you already have a color in mind and will eventually just pick your own answer, in addition, we don't need your life story, just ask the question and the necessary information and post. That is all.

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    here i know you said you didnt want some of these colours but i just list them anyways:

    ~anything in the light shades of green

    ~Not light blue but could be like a medium blue tone

    ~Tans or Light browns

    ~not to bright of pink or to light of pink

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    put barbed wire everywhere.

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